Of responsibility and bluntness.

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    In Liberal minds, rent free.
    Yeah, I known there are threads on Romney's statements about paying taxes. This one is different, this one is about the media and our society.

    On the front page of today's USA Today There are three items of note. One is Mitt Romney's statements, one is the NFL's players under replacement refs, and the other is a note to check out an article on the entertainer Pink.

    What do they have in common? Irony.

    We all know about the Romney statements, entitlement, responsibility, taxes. The NFL article is about how the replacement refs have lost control of the game, and the article about Pink celebrates her boldness and her bluntness.

    So the writer implies that it's the refs fault for the cheap shots and illegal hits and not the player's fault.

    Responsibility, place the blame somewhere else.

    Bluntness is good...unless it comes from a Republican candidate.

    Mitt Romney is both blunt and correct. Shame that those traits are seen as a liability.
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