Obama's Trump Card

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    Colin Powell opened the door to a more aggressive approach towards the Maverick's Sidekick, specifically citing McCain's choice of running mate as a reason to question his fitness for office.

    The Democrats' case is simple: If Wright is a crucial issue, then surely McCain's own running mate is even more so. Wright would play no role in an Obama administration. Palin would play one in McCain's; she might even become president.

    Palin's poll numbers made her a force to be reckoned with. No longer. In a September Newsweek poll, voters were split over whether they thought Palin was qualified to be president. This month, those saying she was "unqualified" jumped to a 16-point margin. Her support among women has also steadily eroded.

    Since last month, Palin's unfavorable rating has jumped 12 points, to 41 percent, in the new New York Times/CBS News poll, which showed big changes among men and independents. Her negative rating is now the highest for a VP candidate as measured by that poll -- worse even than Dan Quayle's in '88. Indeed, Palin’s qualifications to be president rank as voters’ top concern about McCain’s candidacy, according to the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Palin is more troubling to voters than whether McCain would continue President Bush’s agenda, enact economic policies that only benefit the rich or keep too high of a troop presence in Iraq.

    If Democrats are still worried about offending women, they can ask Clinton to tape the TV ad attacking Palin. If she won't, I betcha Tina Fey will. In a heartbeat.

    Will Obama play the Palin card? Unless he experiences a change of heart like the one McCain is contemplating, probably not. And it may be a big mistake.

    Mercurio: Obama has a trump card - National Journal - MSNBC.com

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