Obama's Political Jobs Game

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    President Barry Hussein Soetoro is playing political games with America's joblessness!

    How many of you thought that president Barry Hussein Soetoro’s Jobs speech last Thursday night was a serious attempt to solve joblessness in this country? I must admit that I didn’t because I know the partisanship of the man. However, for those of you that took him seriously think about this. From the beginning of his presidency until now, Soetoro has always blamed others, always. That true, what is the most pressing thing in the country today that could possibility cost Soetoro the presidency? The answer is five words. Lack of jobs for Americans!

    How does someone turn one’s most troubling problem into a positive? Even though you’ve been talking about saving and creating jobs for the last 2 ½ years and even though everything that you have tried has failed what do you do? (see 10:53min video)Read more...Creating Orwellian Worldview

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