Obama's policies hurting blacks most of all

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    "African-American leaders say it makes sense to pressure the president on jobs because the unemployment rate for blacks has jumped to 15.7 percent, from 8.9 percent when the recession started 23 months ago. That compares with 13.1 percent for Hispanics and 9.5 percent for whites.

    The black unemployment rate has climbed above 20 percent in several states, reaching 23.9 percent in Michigan and 20.4 percent in South Carolina."

    NAACP Presses Obama On Rising Black Unemployment Rates | MajicATL - Majic 107.5 & 97.5 Atlanta's Home for the Adult Urban Community
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    Within two years of the Reagan Election, the Great Entrepreneurial Spirt was in Recession, and the Great Liar, Reagan, would never deliver the promised balanced budgets. His partisans seem able to continue to claim that he did, however, every single year he was in office.

    Senator Obama, running-for-chief, was past all that, and claimed in the Reno Gazette that the federal government, under Reagan, had no longer been considered to be the source of prosperity and solutions. The Clinton campaign offered no rebuttal to the running-for-chief contention.

    Reagan relied heavily on defense spending, for the engineering and profiteering populations. The outcome certain is that the unemployment rate slowly rose, the stock market crashed--and recovered--and then came the Outcome of the "Reagan Revolution," The Bush I, Term I, Administration.

    There was an outcome certain. There was a recession, and Black Teenage unemployment would go past 50% rates. Children would be shot to do death in the streets, all celebrated by all Obama supporters. Many of the "celebrants" were probably at the NAACP convention. Probably, Rev. Jermiah Wright was not invited, as a gesture to the "celebratory" white ambiance the universities like to maintain, (and not just with corn liquor, anymore)!

    The Ticker - Teen unemployment hits all-time highs - Economy Watch *

    O'bama became friendly with the Kennedys. Much of the Kennedy legacy reposes at Harvard University, where no one has yet discovered the source of a great deal of fireplace heating fuel. The Ivy League is Diversified, one third Jewish, and frown on book burnings, as well as on diversity.

    How could the Great Entrepreneurial Spirit allow so much unemployment to run rampant among so many minorities--no one asks?

    Fortunately, the customary tribal impoverished, of the indigenous tribes of the United States, have discovered gaming houses. The idea would be said clearly to get the women of the Ivy League, in there in front of the slot machines where they belong!

    In land of Great Entrepreneurial Spirt: That is called "Jobs Creation," at the Ivy League! It is a "science," called, "economics!"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Tribes of Afghanis now to get corn and blankets That Americans won't keep for themselves: And on Reservation, to boot. The apparent model is the similar success of the relocated villages program, after the United States had engaged in the pre-emptive strike in Vietnam, without basis. That model, of course, was likely also suggested by Bureau of Indian Affairs! And then there is the way that the Reagan Revolution applied it!)
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