Obama's Mideast Radicalization And Betrayal: Step By Step

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    [I can't remember whether it was here or elsewhere that I suggested you had to look at the sequence of events that took place during the so called "Arab Spring" and ask yourself if that sequence of events could have taken place strictly by chance or if they took place as the result of some unseen, hidden, but very real guiding hand. According to IBD, the guiding hand in this case belonged to our very own 'Chicago Jesus', president "I Won" who then, as cover, sent his Intelligence Director to Congress to inform Congress the Muslim Brotherhood was just a bunch of Boy Scouts in head scarves sworn only to helping little old ladies cross busy urban streets while at the same time Mr Obama was in Egypt telling leaders of the Brotherhood deep down inside he was a Muslim and only had the interests of the World Wide islamic Caliphate at heart.]

    "The Muslim Brotherhood's sudden ascendancy in the Mideast didn't happen organically. It was helped along by a U.S. president sympathetic to its interests over those of Israel and his own country.

    'I want to be clear that the United States is not in the business, in Egypt, of choosing winners and losers, even if we could, which of course we cannot," Hillary Clinton intoned earlier this week.

    Of course, the administration could, and it did, picking and even colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood. And one of its hard-liners, Mohammed Morsi, now sits in the presidential palace, where he refused to shake unveiled Clinton's hand.

    This administration favored Islamists over secularists and helped them overthrow Hosni Mubarak, the reliable U.S. ally who had outlawed the terrorist Brotherhood and honored the peace pact with Israel for three decades. The Brotherhood, in contrast, has backed Hamas and called for the destruction of Israel.

    Now the administration is dealing with the consequences of its misguided king-making. Officials fear the new regime could invite al-Qaida, now run by an Egyptian exile, back into Egypt and open up a front with Israel along the Sinai. Result: more terrorists and higher gas prices."

    Obama, Hillary Secretly Helped Bring Islamofascists To Power In Egypt - Investors.com
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    You prove that fruitcakes do have nuts.

    Taking out Bin Laden and most of al Qaeda is a funny way of showing support.

    Especially when you consider it was Bush and the Republicans who let Bin Laden go and stopped looking for him. Oops.
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