Obama's Class Warfare at Work

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JenyEliza, Apr 16, 2010.

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    I spoke with this woman a few minutes ago....she's got her head stuck so far up the great almighty Obama's ass, so as to require a proctologist to remove her head from a dark, dank, smelly place.

    Have a read.....

    Ronnie Polaneczky: I feel terrible about Webcamgate ... and terrible about why | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/04/2010

    more at the link above....

    My response to her was that my children had gone to similar schools in th "tony suburbs" of Atlanta...except that our school district is urban-suburban. And that thanks to NCLB, I now transport them 25 miles away to high school where they go to a "tony suburban high school".

    I suggested to her that if she is unhappy with her schools, that a) she move, certainly she can afford a higher-tax based location, being the big-time newspaper writer she is or b) use the NCLB program and get her kid OUT of the schools without carpet or computers or {gasp} toilet paper.

    I told her that thanks to NCLB, my kids are finally in a school where they are SAFE and in a school where the teachers aren't cops, but TEACHERS. That they're learning and making good grades and performing much better than they ever have academically as a result.

    She took great umbrage with me.....and said I was whining.

    No, dear, I offered you solutions you didn't want to hear, or couldn't hear because your head is either up your ass---or Obama's.

    This class warfare shit has to STOP.

    We need JOBS, PAYCHECKS and a FIX IT attitude, from the POTUS on down to the lowest janitor and gardener.

    She doesn't get it. Probably never will.

    Well done, Barry. You've snowed another.

    This one is a great mouthpiece for you in Philly.

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