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    Lets see, The left has claimed Obama was better then Bush because Bush doubled the deficit in 8 years. Obama will match Bush's deficit of 8 years in 4.

    The left told us Obama was better because he would end the Iraq and Afghan wars. He has done neither, Bush won Iraq and Obama has sent MORE troops into Afghanistan AND attacked Libya.

    On Bush's watch we had 5 soldiers harassing Iraqi prisoners, on Obama' watch we have 4 soldiers forming a kill team to purposefully murder Afghan civilians.

    On Obama's watch we had the largest leak of classified information ever.

    Obama illegally has ignored court orders to lift the ban on drilling in the Gulf.

    Obama has used executive power to create new restrictions on numerous fronts ( another complaint the left had about Bush I might add).

    Obama and the Democrats suffered the largest loss of seats in the Congress of any party in the History of the Nation. As I recall in 2008 we were told the Republican party was dead and buried and would never hold power again.

    Obama promised if we just spent Hundreds of billions on a stimulus plan ( that we did not get to read first)Unemployment would not top 8 percent. It went almost to 10 percent and has not actually shrunk, the numbers go down as people drop off the end of the looking for work scale.

    Obama and company forced through with out a single bipartisan vote an unconstitutional health care plan that will add trillions to the deficit as costs skyrocket rather then remain stable as he claimed.

    Obama appointed a racist to the Supreme Court and a personal stooge.

    Did I miss anything?
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    Did you miss anything Retarded Grungy Shithead?

    Yeah.....your brain.
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    I don't trust your numbers, but you're mostly right on this. Spending NEVER goes down.

    Every President since Eisenhower has overseen troops deployed in combat somewhere in the world, continuously. We're NEVER going to be not at war, not at the rate we're going now.

    Neither of these examples have anything to do with who was President at the time.

    Once again, what does this have to do with who's President at the time?

    False. There is non "ban" on drilling in the Gulf, and permits are being issued as we speak. Also, as mentioned countless times before, why aren't oil companies drilling on the leases they already have? There are countless already owned leases over the same oil beds that you guys keep screaming about - why aren't companies using them?

    Examples? I'm not saying you're wrong, I don't put it past him. But I don't know what you're talking about, per se.

    Yeah, this is also wrong. The last time it happened was 1948, not "never". Republicans took more Senate seats in 1994, and certainly took more power than they have now.

    Obama never "promised" that. It was a slogan, sure. But Obama never said it, and it was never in the form of a "promise".

    Supposition on your part. We'll see what happens.

    For people who complain about being called "racists" so damn much, you guys seem to love to throw the word at Dems.


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