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East, but still West
talking about politics.

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    1. MindWars
      ANd because someone else posted it, does that mean nobody else can post something on it that claims ISIS did it... Do I have to start reporting people who have up stories on " TRUMP" all of them say TRUMP so should I REPORT THEM ALL
    2. MindWars
      1. theDoctorisIn
        Start another duplicate thread, and see what happens.
        Oct 2, 2017
    3. PixieStix
      So disappointed
    4. IsaacNewton
      Hello, Westwall is having problems. Again. I've steered clear of responding to any of his posts because I know this guy has problems and he uses the mod tools for revenge or to just delete posts that are responses he doesn't like. I have no problem with any of the other mods. I pm'd him and told him to not respond to any of my posts and I would return the favor.
    5. cnelsen
      I assume your censorship is even-handed?
      1. PixieStix thanked this.
    6. Death Angel
      Death Angel
      You closed my thread on Seth Rich. I did a search of the name, and my specific topic did not come up.

      I cant count the number of duplicate topics I see in any given week that are never closed. But this is a sensitive revelation to those who want to believe "the Russians are coming."
      1. MindWars and PixieStix thanked this.
    7. Tom Horn
      Tom Horn
      You buried my thread about the "russians are coming" in the middle of a thread about who murdered Seth Rich. You locked a thread by Skye last night on the same subject. Similar, surely not duplicate Kommie Kalis don't think much of free speech anymore do ya?
      1. MindWars and PoliticalChic thanked this.
    8. Coyote
      Love your of my favorites of his :)
    9. George Costanza
      George Costanza
      1. theDoctorisIn
        That thread was closed because it is a duplicate thread, as I explained in my post closing it.
        Nov 6, 2016
      2. George Costanza
        George Costanza
        Oh - there is/was another thread on this latest development (Comey announcing their investigation is closed in all respects, including the Weiner emails discovered on Friday)? Where is that thread? Is it in another Forum other than the Election forum?
        Nov 6, 2016
    10. Freewill
      I copy the exact article headline trying to be honest.

      I am not sure why this is such a hemroidal subject for you and your other moderators is it because all the other rules are too hard to remember?

      If you don't like me posting things that might interest people kick me off, I'll lose no sleep. Maybe I'll just leave, I hate bring down the web site with such an offense of all caps. What BS.
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    East, but still West
    talking about politics.
    a community organizer and full-time questioner.


    Everybody knows.

    When the world is sick
    Can't no one be well
    But I dreamt we were all beautiful and strong.
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