Obama Proposes Making Markets Work--The Queen's Consent To Be Taxed!

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    Previously noted, Her Majesty hit upon the right idea in making government revenues work for Her subjects. Like any truly rich person anywhere on earth, then if paying customers are to generate profits: Then there have to be some.

    Liberals and Socialists: All Understand This.

    This happened: BBC ON THIS DAY | 26 | 1992: Queen to be taxed from next year

    Actually, the main Republican plan being offered is tax-raiser, also. Loopholes and exceptions for the rich will be discarded from the tax code, even under their plan. The Democrats will do that and the Bush Tax cuts, too.

    The Democrats will not dismantle MediCaid, MediCare and Social Security: Leaving over 50 mil. people alone to use the Socialist proceeds, to shop in the stores as always. Even Ronald Reagan had been able to figure that out: Or at least some near to the Oval Office: Possibly the receptionist, typing up the transcripts, from the tapes.

    Spending for the Corporate Enriched, From the Socialist Defense Contracting, will be curtailed. From there, then possibly ordinary rich contractors--builders and tradespeople--can be Socialist, funded instead.

    When the spending is taken away, then Demand is taken away. When spending is provided, then markets thrive: Just like envisioned by Karl Marx, personally: Aware that even the Royal Families, would eventually live on Socialist household budgets, in their gulags.

    The poor would eventually live on Socialist, household budgets. Property no longer would be a major stumbling block, kind of issue.

    The Middle Class would have the benefits of all the spending, in the markets when they tend to live, and work, and play. They would be subject to zoning, eminent domain, food inspections and the other Great Socialist, ways of modern life.

    The Socialist concepts are even applied in advanced civilizations, worldwide. What Lincoln intended, where freedom of that type reigns: Is mainly found in non-Socialist East Africa and Haiti--and of the Liberian vision of where a lot of others should be sent.

    The Old Fat White People--Cavorting About Naked On Other Peopel's Yachts, Dumping Substance And Other Treasure, Into The Sea: Mainly intend that places like Kentucky, should be called East Africa, Haitian Kentucky--envisioned by their new Junior Senator-Elect!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (In the case of Her Majesty in contrast, anyone notices that the Socialist vision is now in place, as opposed to the Junior Senator's vision: Of what it is he thinks that everyone else has wished for! Anyone is reminded of just what political party he is in!)

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