Obama-Judd V. "The Cocoa-Puffs Train(?)!"

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    The Obama Campaign is off to such a good start: That NBC even has a commentary, keeping the commentator names all anonymous(?)!

    *** Obama’s terrible campaign week: The campaign roll out over the weekend went well. Despite Republicans talking about the empty seats at Ohio State, he still draw four times the crowds (if not more) than Romney. But then Biden’s gay-marriage comments stepped on that roll out. Yesterday, when Obama traveled to Albany, he looked energy-less, almost like he realized what he was proposing was going nowhere or what he was proposing would get no attention thanks to Biden and gay marriage. And to top it off, some felon gets 40% in West Virginia. This is not how they envisioned the campaign roll out week going. It’s reminiscent of all the bad day AFTER primary days Romney accumulated this year. The good news for the Obama White House: a pretty good national security feat in Yemen; of course, now they have to clean up the mess that’s been created by the public leaking of the fact the CIA and its allies had a double-agent working for them.

    It is actually not clear that Keith Judd, sitting in jail, in Texas: Will replace Joe,Biden, now campaigning for the Office of Liberal, Protestant Theologian of the Year!

    Even Wall Street has noticed that the elections in France and in Greece have been unsettling, along with the election of the Tea Party candidate for Senate in Indiana. The Republicans seem to be gaining confidence in their "Austerity" candidate, hoarding all the money that could have been spent on MS research.

    In the context of all of the above: There is the Law of Love in America! In the like-manner off hoarding, the arithmetic of law rewards the rich--who get the same percentage incomes increase as the poor--and for each one. Anyone knows that Washington, D. C. needs that kind of policy perspective in these perilous times for America! The Romneys eventend to favor the "Cold Cereal Largesse" initiative, instead of sending any of the money!

    Hoard More Now! Hoard More Now! France and Greece can go to. . .creditors(?). . .which is what they do already(?)!

    Finally, of course: "Senator Richard Lugar is a friend of Vice President Biden: And anyone can believe that Vice President Biden is No Senator Lugar(?). . . .Anymore!"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many even now to come to Lands of Many Nations--claiming to be sober by comparison! Government of the Poison Blankets, And Of The Rotted Corn: Now technically even sends in refugees!)

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