Obama in Cairo- more gaffes

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    - It's a liberal game. Just make up events to back up your liberal slants, They are referred to as 'gaffes' below, but they are deliberate, calculated attempts to gloss over an agenda of domination and control. This is some form of creative history, but not a very well concealed one.

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    Obama in Cairo — more gaffes

    1. President Obama referred to the Islamic contribution to “our (i.e. Western) mastery of pens and printing.”

    This is completely false. Pen and ink as we know them existed before the delivery of Qur’an, and, for reasons open to debate, the progress of letterpress printing was delayed in the Islamic countries. These are simple facts of history. There is no point in embellishing history by denying them.

    2. President Obama suggested that Indonesia, where he lived as a child, was a country that gained independence through “peaceful and determined” action.

    It is unfortunate that the world, including most Muslims, has forgotten that Indonesia was born in a revolutionary struggle that extended from 1945 to 1949. It is even worse that this fact is unknown to someone who lived in that country and who cites the ill effects of colonialism.

    3. President Obama referred, under the rhetoric of Islamic tolerance, to “the history of Andalusia and Cordoba during the Inquisition.”

    First, Cordoba is located in Andalusia, and is not separate from it.

    Second, there was no “tolerance” by Muslims during the Spanish National Inquisition, in which Muslims and Jews were subjected to broken promises and brutal persecution as victims of intolerance.

    This appears as yet another jarring example of a gaffe by the president, involving a widely-known chapter in history. The situation of the three religions in Spain from 711 CE to the mid-17th century, when the last open Muslim believers were driven out of Spain, is a serious and demanding topic that does not lend itself to improvisation.

    We live in a society -
    "of the Government, by the Government, for the Government".
    We are now slaves to A GREEDY government.
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    Gutenberg was Muslim? Who knew?

    Moorish Spain was pretty much a model of tolerance for its time. (Not by modern standards at all, but compared to what was going on elsewhere, pretty mellow. ) and the inquisition was not run by Muslims. Are you sure 0bama said what you said he said? I am looking for any excuse to say rude things about the a55h0le in chief, but having him blame the inquisition on the Muslims is a piece of stupidity that I don't think he really could have done. You are doing what the libs did to Quayle and Bush, creating stupid remarks to credit to someone you dislike.

    Check the facts, or we both look bad

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