Obama and romney - "the odd couple"

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    All campaigns are "odd" campaigns,
    and some are odder than others.

    The present presidential campaign has
    as one candidate
    a part black, part white president who bears the name- Barack Obama-
    a remarkably odd name for a US Presidential Candidate,
    much less a sitting one.

    Obama may or may not have been born on American soil
    but he is our sitting President.

    And we know little about his background save that
    he was partially raised in a Muslim country
    and partially educated there
    and professes to be a Christian
    and has surrounded himself while President
    with a host of Jewish advisors,
    many of whom he has appointed as both major and minor satraps,
    including two recent appointments of Jews to the US Supreme Court bringing to three the number of Jews who sit on the nine seat bench of the court.

    We also know,
    that Obama once considered Israel to be our most valuable ally in the Mid-East
    and that in addition to bowing and kowtowing to the Saudi of Saudis,
    he once journied to Israel,
    where he donned a Jewish head piece,
    and geneflucted at, and, perhaps worshipped at,
    Israel's Wailing Wall,
    and where he visited that holy of holies,
    Israel's "Holocaust" Musem.

    History also records that as America's President
    that in addition to considering Israel to be our most valuable ally in the Mid-East
    that Obama once extended a standing invitation for Binjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister,
    to visit him at the Oval Office
    whenever Netanyahu was attending to Israel's business in America,
    which, considering Israel's chief business, has been often.

    Recently, however, as the presidential race moves toward the short rows,
    and as Egypt's President, Morsi, moves toward China and Iran,
    and touches somewhat the periphery of the political environ of the Saudis,
    Obama has decided, and has declared,
    that he now regards israel,
    not as our most valuable ally in the Mid-East,
    but as but one of our allies
    and has recently declined a request for a visit by Netanyahu.

    Obama's one time chief administrative factotum and sceptre holder,
    Rahm Emanuel,
    who long ruled Obama's Oval Office,
    has left Obama
    and now rules Chicago,
    just as Blumberg rules New York,
    and whether that is good or bad for Chicago,
    or for New York, for that matter,
    many consider it good for the Oval Office.

    We further know that Obama has invited Egypt's president, Morsi,
    Israel's luke warm friend,
    to visit Obama in the Oval Office,
    but recently asked Morsi to wait until the election was over
    when Obama would have more time, etc., to talk with him..

    Now Obama refers to Israel as but an "ally",
    and has refused to meet with its Iran-war-eager Prime Minister, Netanyahu,
    at least for the time being, and for whatever reason.
    But then Obama still has as his principal advisor a Jew named Axelrod
    who speaks not only to Obama daily,
    but also speaks on occasion as though he himself were President.

    America, after a near decade of self-rule lassitude,
    is, today, become less and less eager
    to fight another war.
    as Israel would have her do,
    whether upon behalf of Israel or Big Oil or both.

    So, do the apposing of such matters ring a warning bell that calls to our Jewish population,
    one that is less than 2% of our voters,
    a need to re-consider their previous support for Obama
    and to consider supporting Romney,
    whose unflinching all-out support for Israel has never wavered.

    And, oddly, why hasn't Romney commented upon such happenings?

    Are Americans commencing to feel that perhaps our Jewish fellow citizens have too much control
    in and over our executive office,
    the congress,
    and the US Federal and Supreme Courts?

    And are such matters leading toward a ground swell for Obama
    among one hundred percenter Americans?

    Your opinion?


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