In case you forgot: What the GOVT DOES FOR US, and IS FOR.

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    Rodney Maurice Davis Jr. arrested in series of sexual attacks |

    This happened in a place near where I grew up. The Greenville/Spartanburg area had a minor panic lately with what they believed was a serial rapist. The cops, who work on behalf of the taxpayers, caught this P.O.S., and he'll be behind bars now.

    The govt does a lot of shit wrong. And does a lot of shit it shouldnt be doing. But PROTECTING US CITIZENS, HERE AND OVERSEAS is the major reason we pay taxes. And that task goes from huge in scale- killing Osama Bin Laden - to small in scale...catching rapists and murderous thugs.

    Now...back to the debates, arguing how awful and worthless the govt is, how evil rich people are, how stupid redneck republicans are, how ignorant tree hugging granola sniffing hippie liberals are, and going about our everyday lives in total ignorance of the real world, bitchinga bout NFL refs and wondering which judge made the right choice on The Voice.

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