Obama America's Hugo Chavez?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Freedomlover, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Received this in my e-mail today (4/12) concerning the most recent misuse of power by the President. It came from a reputable watchdog group that keeps close tabs on what Obama is doing. If you are not frightened by what the President has done you do not deserve liberty!

    Representative Allen West said that as many as 80 Democrat members of Congress belong to the Communist Party…

    A Washington Post-ABC News poll reported that only 40% of Americans believe the Supreme Court Justices’ ruling on ObamaCare will be based on law rather than ideology…

    And that same poll revealed American support for ObamaCare has reached record depths.

    But nothing that has recently come to light could be more disturbing than the knowledge that President Obama, with a single Executive Order, granted himself the power “to commandeer all U.S. domestic resources, including food and water, as well as seize all energy and transportation infrastructure inside the borders of the United States.”

    And that, based on an ill-defined condition of national emergency, the Government can now draft U.S. citizens into the military and force U.S. citizens to fulfill “labor requirements” for the purposes of “national defense.”

    ++This is tyranny!

    Our forefathers fought and died to overcome this very type of oppression from condescending, arrogant members of the English Parliament and their King.

    Our Constitution was designed to prevent the abuse of power by any one person or branch of government. It defines and limits the powers of the federal government and binds its officers with the restraints of checks and balances.

    No wonder those opposed to our values have launched such an aggressive assault on the Constitution – it’s the only thing holding them back from establishing the Socialist States of America!

    These tyrannical actions must be stopped NOW!

    Based on the Liberty Counsel team’s response to my first message on the recent Executive Order – and the outrage that many of you are sharing with me – we have all had ENOUGH!
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    A warm place with no memory.
    Doesn't surprise me. But some kind of supportive links would be helpful.

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