North Korea releases happiness report : 1st China, 2nd North Korea

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    Recently North Korea Central TV claimed that North Korea scored the second in the "Wworld nations' happiness score", and China was the top, inviting all the mockery from the world.

    What's more surprising, is that they gave China the first place (100 out of 100 points) North Korea the second place(98 points), cuba the 3re place(93), South Korea the 152nd place(18), and USA the very last place, with NO POINT!!

    Even citizens from China and Cuba are feeling incredulous about this report and criticizing this article, so some moderators even had to remove the post.

    It's a well-known fact that North Korea blocks all information from in and out, but it is saddening to know that the ignorance and cluelessness were this bad.
    There's a Korean idiom for this kind of pathetic comedy : "A sleeping cow would laugh at this."
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