No spelling bee for me.

Discussion in 'General Global Topics' started by PredFan, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I used to be able to spell just about any word, even one I hadn't heard of before. I went to the state finals in 6th grade for a spelling bee and I never studied. I've always been able to spell words. Now, I'm 57 and in the past year or so i find that I am frequently mis-spelling words.

    Today, I couldn't spell "minute". I was trying minit, minuit, and minite. I had to look it up.

    That said I believe I'm falling right in line with the average poster here. I have mis-spelled "appalling" about 6-7 times posting today and no one caught it.

    I also still know that "hypocrisy" has one "s" and one "c".

    So, even though I'm concerned and disappointed that I seem to be losing my spelling abilities, I'm still ahead of many.

    Right TM? You LAIR!

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