No more reasons to postpone FTA

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    It's been a year since FTA with Korea was settled on April 2nd 2007.
    Settled after 14 months of a long negotiation with Korea, US-Korea FTA is going through a difficult time to get congress' ratification among political schedule of both countries. Though some people within nation showed negative opinions on FTA settlement with Korea, US-Korea FTA is definitely not a zero-sum game which only affects one nation but is a win-win game that is designed to develop both countries via mutual cooperation.
    What we have to focus is that Korea must wrap up general elections and resolve a problem on beef which held a different wiew for a while. It is sepeulated that soon FTA will be ratified by the Congress. This time, we too have no justifying reason to postpone ratification or to make FTA a political issue.
    Settling FTA with Korea doesn't only help out Korea and as policies US has been prepared for, free market economy and FTA must no longer be postponed or canceled. US-Korea FTA seems very important not only for economy of both countries but also for Northeast Asia's strategic stabilization and for our external security policies.
    Anyway, it is hoped that US-Korea summit and smooth FTA ratification of the Congress could contribute to the advancement of economic and military alliance and neighborly friendship.:razz:

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