No Government Spending Needed to Create Jobs but There is a Cost

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    There are two pieces of legislation needed to accomplish full employment in America, both supported by many conservatives.
    1. Repeal the minimum wage law.
    2. Remove financial support for those out of work including unemployment, welfare, food stamps, etc…

    Removing the minimum wage allows employers to pick up good employees at very low labor rates. Once all financial support is removed, the unemployed will seek any kind of work offered. It’s either that or starve. Unemployment rates would drop rapidly. This will also solve the problem of jobs being sent abroad. With the lower labor rates, employers will have little reason to go abroad for cheap labor. The only real negative financial aspect is that working Americans will not have the income to purchase much more than necessities. This can be overcome by exporting more of the new cheap American made goods. Bleeding heart liberals will complain that America is becoming a third world country but you have to make a few sacrifices if you want to compete in today’s world markets. The above may sound a bit ridiculous but there are a lots of people that think this way.

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