Nightwing/UPS: A Patriotic Destiny

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    This is a civilization-blurb/parable inspired by The Postman.

    Signing off (God Bless!),


    NIGHTWING: What do you stand for?
    UPS: We stand for Ellis Island, email, and Black Friday!
    NIGHTWING: So you defend the democracy or postal-communications?
    UPS: Correct! We ensure all mail/gifts/correspondences are received.
    NIGHTWING: Mail facilitates nationalism...
    UPS: True! We're the new Pony Express (before email takes over!).
    NIGHTWING: You'll be remembered as the 'Traffic Angels.'
    UPS: Thanks, Nightwing!

    This was an exchange between Nightwing (America's favorite young vigilante in NYC) and members of the United Postal Service (UPS). Nightwing was preparing an international address at the United Nations (UN) on the value of global communications in a modern free market gauged by commerce sophistication. Nightwing wanted to talk about eBay, Internet-hackers, the prestige of paper-mail, and the historical tradition of nationalized communications in America, so he sought the valuable input of UPS workers which he collected in his notes prior to his address (at the UN).

    Two months after Nightwing's interview of UPS workers and just one month before Nightwing's Valentine's Day address at the UN, a UPS office in Washington, D.C. received an anonymous phone call:

    "My name is Abdul, and I am a rogue agent of ISIS. I and my brethren (hand-selected to travel to America from Syria/Iran) plan to subvert America's national network of paper and email communication grids/highways by sabotaging mail-trucks and hacking into crucial email networks such as those between the White House and the CIA. Our intention is to destroy Nightwing's special 'Western civilization address' at the UN regarding the history of mail and communication-delivery services. We wish to expose capitalism as a purely profit-driven 'macro-system' which needs to be overhauled --- for Allah!"

    The UPS worker who answered the phone-call from Abdul was an executive branch-manager in D.C. (named Ted Caesar) who happened to love comic books and recounted a special comic book storyline from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Hasbro/Marvel) in which the fictional super-terrorist organization known as 'Cobra' sought to undermine America's vast communication grids and labyrinths with carefully-planned hijacking protocols. Ted decided to place a call to Nightwing and tell him of this odd coincidence, and Nightwing gathered that Abdul/ISIS wanted to subvert not only U.S. mail but also the American 'subconscious' regarding national unity!

    Nightwing advised President Donald Trump to give a special address about the value of mail in a commerce-gauged modern geopolitical landscape and why/how America should play the challenging role of 'Big Brother.' Trump's special "White House Lawn Mail Speech" would be considered as important as some of the most symbolic Presidential speeches ever given:

    "Nightwing has shown us that democracy/capitalism requires constant defense/vigilance. We honor the work and achievements of the United Postal Service (UPS) as well as the creative work done at the NSA's special cyber-command office to facilitate the smooth transmission of information and materials through mail (paper or electronic!). We will not stand for any threat against America's mail-networks by ISIS or any other terrorist organization bent on turning commerce-promoting communications (e.g., eTrade) into fanatical cauldrons!" This is the Age of Salutations, and I am the President."



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