New Poll for GOP Presidential Candidates

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Vote for only one, Obama or one of these

  1. Obama, are fewer crazy policies the key to success?

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  2. Romney, the only GOP candidate made from presidential timber

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  3. none of the above (vote Nader, or Bloomberg, or don't vote)

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    Debate, after Debate, after Debate and nothing seems to change?!

    Cain keeps denying, and 999'ing

    Newt keeps whining and whining about the questions

    Bachman would have better luck trying out for head cheerleader. She was toast after voting to not paying US bills by raising the Debt ceiling. Who needs a bond rating anyway?

    Ron Paul is simply too old & weird

    Perry is as dumb as a brick

    Rick Santorum is a non-event, there are no hot buttons this year Rick.

    Huntsman is Romney-lite

    Romney is the real thing. The man with the answers that drives the bad people crazy. the enemy of my enemy thing....he drives the right folks crazy....why would he make conservatives or should I say RINOs, threaten to vote for Obama over Romney? WHY?
    Must be that Obama is playing ball, and Romney is the real deal?!

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