New demographics: Younger generation 'more entitled, but less selfish'. GOP fails.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Dec 7, 2012.

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    This quote came up today when talking with a coworker, and I think it nailed it. He was saying that the new generation of applicants, 18-35, are "more entitled, but less selfish". I thought about that, and laughed at first. But then, it really made sense.

    The new generation is more accepting of the social safety net. They were raised in a society that pushed the idea of sharing and collectivism during times of extreme wealth of the 90's and 00's.

    However, their parents, the "old people" of today, were adults in those decades, in a culture of quick wealth and extreme greed. So, they see the world in a more selfish, total capitalist way.

    The new generation seems to be entitled, but more so feeling entitled to a life of modest comfort, while also being less selfish in not demanding incredible wealth. Almost like feeling they are all entitled to a modest point....and after that it should be focused on the collective good.

    I dont know, sounded interesting to me. I know this: The uber-snobbish, country club Republican attitude is dying out fast. The Tea Party is dead or on life support. Its members dont think so, but nationally, its done. The younger generation despises the arrogant, snobbish rich behavior. However, in a flawed society, those same people worship the arrogant rich liberals of Hollywood.

    All very interesting to me, as a former sociology major.

    But I know the angry, rich right winger is a dying breed.
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    LMAO NO. They grew up in the me, me, me society where the Govt is here to take care of them.

    Of course there is nothing in the Constitution about the producers taking care of the takers but its the way they have been brought up. You know, Medicare, Welfare and the taxpayers being forced to foot the bills for the unproductive.

    If they had been born in the 50's they would have a completely different take on things. Self reliance and hard work got you ahead.

    Less selfish?? Nope. Just brainwashed.

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