New Clinton Book: The Lies, The Fights, The Insults

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by KarlMarx, May 31, 2005.

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    A new book about the Clinton Whitehouse just about to come out....

    I normally don't buy books until they're out a while ... but this one may be an exception......

    1. Hillary Clinton once called Clinton's aides a bunch of sissies.... "in JFKs day, his aides were MEN!!!!" ---- (it seems rather strange for a radical feminist to use such gender stereotypes foisted upon us by the oppressive patriarchy ---- but hey... I'm an angry white guy... what do I know?)

    2. Tipper Gore refused to be in the same room as Bill Clinton (ya' know --- she's also the one that wanted warning labels on CDs---- so she can't be all bad)

    3. Someone stated "Anyone that sleeps with that bitch deserves a medal" ---- can you guess who they were talking about?

    4. Clinton was upset at the results of his annual physical so he had the doctors write down a bogus weight that was 5 pounds lighter than his actual weight (yea, well, we've all been there Mr. President.... don't feel bad... even though you are a vain silly man)

    Some of my own experiences with Hillary Clinton....

    1. A colleague at work stated the other day "if Hillary is elected president, I'm leaving the country" ---- no, not a 50 year old fat white guy ---- a 22 year old female who just graduated from college.....

    2. About three years ago, Senator Clinton visited the plant I work at (in beautiful downtown Owego, New York!)... I emailed a female colleague who was working from home .... "Hey, you're missing a treat! Hillary is visiting the plant!".... about 10 seconds later I get a response ... "why do you think I 'm working from home today?".... My brother (who also works at the plant) told me that management had to beg people to go to the assembly where she was speaking, many refused especially women.....

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