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    votes, are acting like a drowning man who will cling to anything, including the person trying to rescue them and cause them both to drown.

    After the 60's, the left/Democrats embarked on a noble journey by many of them, to create a more equal society. In the ensuing struggle, they had some accomplishments, but also instituted some "throwing the baby out with the bath water" problems. Also, after some time, their fairness and equality movement started losing steam, as the American landscape was now radically changed. Gone were the final vestages of open racism. No more are "whites only" signed, not only legally allowed, but are simply socially unacceptable. "******" is a term relagated to the "N" word.
    What also occured, which they hadnt planned on, was that conservatism wasnt just left standing at the railroad station. Todays conservatives are mostly those who were kids threw the 60's, are do not carry the racist bigotry of their forefathers (and mothers-in the spirit of feminism!). Conservatives were as much a part of the changing scenery in America and were rejecting wholesale the demonization aspects of our society, big business that pollutes wantonly, sexism, brutal treatment of laborers. How could this not happen when conservatives own small businesses, are women, have children, and love the outdoors as much as their liberal counterparts?
    The problem that has arisen for liberals, is they shook off all their old ideals, and embraced wholeheartedly the concept of a "new world". The unfortunate thing for them is, its no longer needed from govt to protect us from sexism, enviormental concerns (for the most part), racism, child labor laws, etc. etc.
    During this process, they lost their base. It went to the conservative side, or is hanging on by a thread to the Democrat party, often wondering what the heck they are doing there (See Zel Miller, Lieberman). What was once mainstream Democrats are now outcasts, given no platform. Pro life democrats will never be heard at the DNC. Pro war Dems, same fate.
    So, since their main base is now divided and weakended, what do they do to retain power? Like any other organization, they have choices. The abolitionists, once their agenda was accomplished, did the right thing, dibanded. Or, they could recognize that the conservatives are RIGHT on many issues, and actually AGREE with them for once, and battle those issues head on. Or they can start to act like a out of date organization, like the ACLU, and start creating situations to justify their own existence. This happens in govt ALOT!
    What they have chosen to do is to justify their own existence, continue battling on the issues that are basically dead, and create boogey men of Republicans, trying to "fear" many Americans into thinking they are still protecting their civil rights from sexists and racists.
    Fact is, this is very delusional. What it has created for the Dems is a party of loosely knitted small splinter groups, that at their core have heavy disagreements, and for now are only banded by their common hatred of the Republicans and religion. In time this parties are at odds, it happens frequently. I have quoted an article in the next thread that speaks to the core of this. It goes unreported in the MSM, but it is occuring nation wide, and much more often than anyone realizes.
    The conservative party kept its base core, and the base core changed with the times. They responded with a reasonable adaptation to the needed changes, while trying to retain the core of American values. The liberal party had two choices. Embrace PART of what the conservatives were doing, or wholesale opposistion. They choose the later. The liberal party is now made up of splinter group left overs from the sixties, Cindy Sheehan, Jessie Jackson, Pelosi, Howard Dean ranting that Conservatives want children slave labor again, homosexual movement, animal rights activists, enviormentalists, (even green peace co founder is saying that green peace is wrong these days). They cannot admit they made the mistake of declaring the conservatives wrong on every issue.
    For them to admit that the conservatives are actually right on some of their moderate views concerning equal rights, sexism, religion and enviormentalilsm, they would have to give up some temporary power, in exchange for the long term ability to regain some of their real ability to fight conservatives with truth and decency. But they wont do that. They are governed by power hungry valueless persons. Both parties have their share of that, the difference is the Liberals have no real base to control them, the conservatives do, if any of theirs gets too out of line. Hence, Howard Dean becomes DNC chairman.
    Conservatives have fundamental values that created several large bases, all much larger than any bases the liberals have. The liberals bases are composed solely of little splinter groups, all of which are banded by one ideal, anti conservatism. Thats why they have very little to offer, and can only constantly criticize the conservatives and their plans.
    How can an enviormentalist group, blacks leaders (whose goal is the betterment of blacks-supposedly), feminists, homosexuals, animal rights, or anti war groups claim they have a "great economic plan"? THEY CANT. Their plans only call for betterment of those small groups. Hence they have nothing to offer mainstream America, and when the conservatives offer plans for mainstream America, the liberals can only counter with attacks and criticism, and never offer anything better.
    Unfortunately, their lies and fear tactics draw enough fringe people in to create enough voters for them to sustain themselves from a total meltdown, however, that meltdown may very well be in the near future.
    Like a drug addict, their best option is to admit they have a problem, get into recovery, go throught the "jonesing" process, live to see a better day, and then come up with some decent political strategies for the first time since the sixties.
    But instead, when the shakes sit in, they choose to pick up the needle, and continue to tell America, conservatives are evil, while plunging the needle deep into their own arms.

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