Nearer The Poverty Rate Are We!

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    "The Great Emancipator," of most of the U. S. Civilian Population: From any semblance of economic prosperity, for generations: Knew his own kind even then.

    U.S. income gap widens in recession - Stocks & economy-

    Ultimately, there would happen the Great Depression, with the famous 1932 bottom. Now we are engaged in a Really Great Recession, testing whether that Party, so conceived and so clearly really dedicated--can work its way up from "Survival of The Fittest," after all!

    In the Emancipation Proclamation, then Lincoln enjoined the newly freed to accept payment for labor, if allowed. There actually was no Welfare State in place, under GOP rule.

    Now there are food stamps, and there is MediCaid, and there is Social Security, and there is MediCare--and the Median Income took a GOP, Social Leveling major hit: of $3,000.00 per year in 2008, all by itself--alone!

    The rich took a hit, but still stayed further above the Median Income than before.

    The Refundable Tax Credit concept is not of Lincoln origins, clearly. Rather than Social Leveling, there is increase of income--in the manner of a proper Cost-of-Living Adjustment. The Democratic Liberals have created a floor, of sorts, complete with warm places to. . . .well. The rest of the blacks either go into "sports/entertainment,", or into the federal penitentiary system. Apparently even the Wrassling Owner Woman is now running for political office, thinking it's like baseball, and football, and basketball after all.

    A real Cost-of-Living-Adjustment would happen at the payroll level, and equal amount inflation-adjusted. There is a semblance of Executive Pay Cap built-in to such a program: Since the COLA money has to come from someplace.

    A Case-In-Point, is the University of California COLA, based on "Money-Or-Not, Here-We-Come!" kind of Ivy League, money and prize-winning economics. Now everyone had to take a pay-cut instead. Lincoln, to his credit, did put in place a graduated, federal income tax exclusively on the rich. Lincoln and Karl Marx, in New York, may have been friends--many would say. Mainly, the liberals want to take from the rich--and give to the "socially liberated" rich, in the Welfare State.

    No one discusses that, very much, at all.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (And so Rev. Billy Graham will soon be hearing prayers(?), nearer his Republican Friends, ("A-chooden--Aw Jeez! Now They're Everywhere!), wherever they are!)

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