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    Pelosi Voted Against Persian Gulf War In 1991 And Liberation Of Iraq In 2002.

    Pelosi Questioned Readiness Of American Troops.

    Pelosi Prefers Increased Domestic Spending To Increased Defense Spending.

    Pelosi Doesn’t Consider War On Terror A Real War.

    Pelosi Voted Against Creating Department Of Homeland Security.


    Pelosi Doesn’t Believe Tax Cuts Stimulate Economic Growth.

    Pelosi Voted Against Both 2001 And 2003 Bush Tax Cuts.

    Pelosi Voted Against Welfare Reform And Called It “War On The Poor.”

    Pelosi Voted For Clinton’s 1993 Tax Hike.

    Pelosi Voted At Least Four Times Against Balanced Budget Amendment.


    Pelosi Voted Against Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA).

    Pelosi Has Consistently Voted Against Banning Partial-Birth Abortion.

    Pelosi Is Hostile To Gun Owners’ Rights.

    Pelosi Opposes Death Penalty.

    Pelosi Voted Against Banning Flag Burning.


    Pelosi Voted Against Persian Gulf War In 1991,
    And Criticized Then-President Bush

    Pelosi Voted Against Use Of Force In Persian Gulf. (H. J. Res. 77, CQ Vote #9: Passed 250-183: R 164-3; D 86-179; I 0-1, 1/12/91, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Pelosi Believed If U.S. Troops Were In Saudi Arabia, They Would Never Leave Because Of Oil Companies. “‘Let’s hope we don’t put troops in Saudi Arabia who will never leave because it would be in the interest of the oil companies,’ said Representative Nancy Pelosi, also a San Francisco Democrat.” (Larry Liebert, “Washington Perspective,” California Journal, 10/1/90)

    Pelosi Claimed President Bush (41) Coddled Dictators. SEN. MCCONNELL: “With regard to coddling dictators, you can ask Saddam Hussein. George Bush doesn’t coddle dictators.” REP. PELOSI: “He coddled them. That’s why we had to go into the Persian Gulf War.” (CNN’s “Live News,” 10/1/92)

    Pelosi Was Against Persian Gulf War And Even Joined In Lawsuit Against President Bush (41). “Stark and Pelosi almost always come down on the same side of those matters. Both vocally opposed the Persian Gulf War, joining 43 other House Democrats in a lawsuit in 1990 that charged President Bush lacked congressional authority to build up military forces in the region.” (Jim Puzzanghera, “Political Allies Split Over Balkan War Wedge In House,” San Jose Mercury News, 5/10/99)
    Pelosi Voted Against 2002 Use Of Force In Iraq,
    And Was “Devastated” When War Began

    Pelosi Voted Against Use Of Force In Iraq. (H. J. Res. 114, CQ Vote #455: Passed 296-133: R 215-6; D 81-126; I 0-1, 10/10/02, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Fought To Water Down Support For War And President. “The debate over the wording [of the House resolution to support the troops and President Bush] was much more contentious in the House, where Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi … unsuccessfully fought into the late evening to tone down support for Bush and delete other passages opposed by antiwar Democrats, congressional sources said.” (Jim VandeHei, “Hill Resolutions Supporting Bush, Troops Are Approved,” The Washington Post, 3/21/03)

    Pelosi Was “Devastated” On Day After Iraq War Began. “‘I am devastated,’ Ms. Pelosi recalls saying [on the morning after bombing began in Baghdad], ‘by the fact that we are going to war.’” (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, “With Democrats Divided On War, Pelosi Faces Leadership Test,” The New York Times, 4/1/03)

    Inability To Stop War One Of Her “Great Disappointments.” “‘I consider it one of the great disappointments of my public life that I couldn’t use my influence to stop this war,’ Pelosi said somberly as the first wave of shock and awe began …” (Marc Sandalow, “Pelosi Picks Her Way Through Brambles Of War,” The San Francisco Chronicle, 3/30/03)

    Pelosi Called Resolution To Support Troops “Bitter Pill.” “As to the resolution in support of the troops, Ms. Pelosi regards it as ‘a bitter pill.’ Ever the pragmatist, she delivered a speech in opposition to its wording, then voted in favor.” (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, “With Democrats Divided On War, Pelosi Faces Leadership Test,” The New York Times, 4/1/03)

    Response To Fall Of Saddam Hussein’s Regime: U.S. Could Have “Brought Down That Statue For A Lot Less.” “In a direct response to the televised scene that thrilled the world, Pelosi said: ‘We could have probably brought down that statue for a lot less.’” (Editorial, “Pelosi For The Democrats,” New York Post, 4/12/03)
    Pelosi Suggested Troops Were Well Prepared,
    Then Said Opposite Five Days Later

    Pelosi Said She Visited Troops In Iraq And Called Them “Best-Trained,” “Best-Equipped” And “Best-Led Military Force.” “Three weeks ago in the Persian Gulf, I visited our courageous Americans now risking their lives in Iraq … They are the best-trained, the best-equipped and the best-led military force the world has ever seen.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Radio Address, 3/22/03)

    Just Days Later, Pelosi Said Troops Were Not As Prepared As They Could Have Been. “Mrs. Pelosi said that based on her impression from a visit with troops in the Gulf region a few weeks ago, she had a sense they were not as prepared as they could have been. ‘One of the impressions I brought home was that there was less knowledge of the tactics and the capability of our opponents than I would have been comfortable with,’ she said.” (Stephen Dinan, “Democrat Leaders Moving To Support War In Progress,” The Washington Times, 3/27/03)
    Yet Pelosi Voted Against War Supplemental That Provided Support To Troops

    Pelosi Voted Against Both Passage And Conference Report On Bill Appropriating $87 Billion In Supplemental Spending For Military Operations And Reconstruction In Iraq And Afghanistan. (H.R. 3289, CQ Vote #562: Passed 303-125: R 220-6; D 83-118; I 0-1, 10/17/03, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 3289, CQ Vote #601: Adopted 298-121: R 216-5; D 82-115; I 0-1, 10/31/03, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Chose Hatred Of President Over Success In Iraq. “[T]he Nancy Pelosi Democrats ... voted against Paul Bremer’s $87 billion plan for the reconstruction of Iraq. … f Bush is for it, they’re against it. ... f Pelosi’s arguments had carried the day, our troops in Iraq would be reading this morning about the death of the Bremer plan and the ruination of our efforts to rebuild Iraq.” (David Brooks, Op-Ed, “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,” The New York Times, 10/18/03)

    Opposition To $87 Billion Package Sends Wrong Signal To Terrorists. “Saddam Hussein would be jubilant in Pelosi’s Iraq. He has long argued that America is a decadent country that will buckle at the first sign of trouble. If the Pelosi Democrats had won [Friday’s] vote, the Saddam Doctrine would be enshrined in every terrorist cave and dictator’s palace around the world: kill some Americans and watch the empire buckle.” (David Brooks, Op-Ed, “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,” The New York Times, 10/18/03)

    Pelosi Democrats’ Opposition To Reconstruction Aid Would Leave “Power Vacuum” In Post-U.S. Iraq. “n Pelosi’s Iraq, there would be little money for children’s hospitals, jails, clean water and schools. In Pelosi’s Iraq, everyone would begin preparing for the post-U.S. power vacuum.” (David Brooks, Op-Ed, “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,” The New York Times, 10/18/03)
    Pelosi Voted Against Anti-Terrorism Measures

    In 1996, Pelosi Voted Against Expanding Federal Powers To Combat Terrorism. The bill would “make it easier to deport foreign terrorists, bar foreign terrorists from fundraising in the United States, make it a crime to knowingly provide support to terrorist groups, increase the regulation of human biological pathogens that could be used in chemical weapons,” and “increase the penalties for acts of foreign and domestic terrorism,” among other things. (S. 735, CQ Vote #126: Adopted 293-133: R 188-46; D 105-86; I 0-1, 4/18/96, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Pelosi Said Homeland Security Legislation Took “Giant Step Backwards” And Was “Exercise In Futility.” “Minority Whip Pelosi said the bill [to create a Homeland Security Department] takes a ‘giant step backwards’ by ignoring several suggestions made by House committees – and that rushing to produce the bill was an ‘exercise in futility’ … The statement startled Republicans and set a combative tone that continued through the early part of the markup.” (“Partisan Tone Is Struck At Homeland Security Markup,” National Journal’s CongressDaily, 7/19/02)

    Pelosi Resisted Homeland Security Bill Because It Gave Too Much Power To Executive Branch. “[Pelosi] has been a staunch critic of war with Iraq, leading half the House Democrats in voting against the war-powers resolution approved by Congress last month. Unlike many of her colleagues, she also fought the massive tax-cut package, and resisted the Homeland Security bill on the grounds that it gave too much power to the executive.” (Rupert Cornwell, “Liberal Poised To Be First Woman To Lead Party In Congress,” The Independent, 11/11/02)

    Pelosi Voted Against Creation Of Homeland Security Department. (H.R. 5005, CQ Vote #367: Passed 295-132: R 207-10; D 88-120; I 0-2, 7/26/02, Pelosi Voted Nay)
    Pelosi Flip-Flopped On PATRIOT Act

    Pelosi Voted For PATRIOT Act. (H.R. 3162, CQ Vote #398: Motion Agreed To 357-66: R 211-3; D 145-62; I 1-1, 10/24/01, Pelosi Voted Yea)

    Now Pelosi Says PATRIOT Act Is Being Misused By Justice Department. “As we protect and defend the American people against terrorism, we must protect and defend the Constitution and the civil liberties that define our democracy. When Congress voted for the Patriot Act, it was clearly understood that the Patriot Act was intended to combat terrorism. Now that we have had time to assess how the Patriot Act is being used, it is clear that Attorney General John Ashcroft has misused the Patriot Act for investigations that have nothing to do with terrorism. We should not simply extend it, but we should correct it to prevent abuses of our civil liberties.” (“Rep. Pelosi Issues Statement On Safe Act,” States News Service, 3/8/04)

    But Fellow Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein And Delaware’s Senator Joe Biden Defend PATRIOT Act. “Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.), speaking at the first of several oversight hearings on terrorism legislation, called criticism of the Patriot Act ‘ill-informed and overblown’ and commended prosecutors’ work in some terrorism cases. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) mounted a strong defense of the Patriot Act, saying she believes there is ‘substantial uncertainty and perhaps some ignorance about what this bill actually does do and how it has been employed.’” (Susan Schmidt, “Patriot Act Misunderstood, Senators Say,” The Washington Post, 10/22/03)

    Feinstein Says ACLU Has No Instances Of Actual Abuse By PATRIOT Act. “I have never had a single abuse of the PATRIOT Act reported to me. My staff e-mailed the ACLU and asked them for instances of actual abuses. They e-mailed back and said they had none.” (Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D-CA], Committee On The Judiciary, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 10/21/03)
    And Pelosi Considers Fight Against Terrorism “Struggle,” Not War

    Pelosi Does Not Consider War On Terror A Real War. “‘I don’t really consider ourselves at war,’ Pelosi said. ‘We’re in a struggle against terrorism throughout the world, and we stand with the president in that fight.’ But that does not bestow ‘some kind of mantle on the president that he can’t be subject to criticism.’” (Miles Benson, “Democrats Show Greater Audacity In Criticizing Bush,” Newhouse News Service, 5/6/02)

    Pelosi Thinks Working To Alleviate Global Poverty Will Alleviate “Fury Of Despair” And Prevent More Terrorist Violence. “Newly elected House Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), seeing that the president’s budgetary focus is on defense, has called for more international aid to help combat terrorism. ‘The budget provides some foreign-aid investments that will make the world more stable and boost the economy of developing nations,’ she said. ‘However, I am disappointed that the administration has not provided adequate resources to strengthen our foreign assistance. In light of the horrific events of Sept. 11, it is more important than ever to address the root causes of instability in the world by working to alleviate poverty so that the fury of despair will not provoke more violence.’” (Sheila R. Cherry, “Will Bush Find Budget Balance?” Insight On The News, 3/4/02)

    Pelosi Often Votes Against Tax Cuts And For Tax Hikes

    Pelosi Voted Against 2001 And 2003 Bush Tax Cuts. (H.R. 1836, Roll Call #149: Passed 240-154: R 211-0; D 28-153; I 1-1, 5/26/01, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 1836, CQ Vote #118: Passed 230-197: R 216-0; D 13-196; I 1-1, 5/16/01, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 2, Roll Call #225: Passed 231-200: R 224-1; D 7-198; I 0-1, 5/23/03, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 2, CQ Vote #182: Passed 222-203: R 218-3; D 4-199; I 0-1, 5/9/03, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Pelosi Claimed Tax Cuts Do Not Stimulate Economic Growth. “California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the new House Democratic whip, urged more attention to domestic expansion. The president ‘seems to think the best way to revive the economy is to give more tax breaks to those who don’t need them and dole out lucrative incentives that do not stimulate economic growth.’” (Judy Keen and Laurence McQuillan, “Country Is At ‘Unique Moment Of Opportunity,’ President Says,” USA Today, 1/30/02)

    Pelosi Was One Of Only 27 To Vote Against Tax Credits In Depressed Urban And Rural Areas. Pelosi voted against a bill “that would provide tax credits and economic incentives to encourage investment and job creation in economically depressed urban and rural communities.” (H.R. 4923, CQ Vote #430: Motion Agreed To 394-27: R 214-1; D 179-25; I 1-1, 7/25/00, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Pelosi Voted For Clinton’s 1993 Tax Hike. (H.R. 2264, CQ Vote #406: Adopted 218-216: R 0-175; D 217-41; I 1-0, 8/5/93, Pelosi Voted Yea)

    Pelosi Has Voted At Least Four Times Against Balanced Budget Amendment. (H. J. Res. 268, CQ Vote #238: Rejected 279-150: R 169-5; D 110-145, 7/17/90, Pelosi Voted Nay; H. J. Res. 290, CQ Vote #187: Rejected 280-153: R 164-2; D 116-150; I 0-1, 6/11/92, Pelosi Voted Nay; H. J. Res. 103, CQ Vote #65: Motion Rejected 271-153: R 172-1; D 99-151; I 0-1, 3/17/94, Pelosi Voted Nay; H. J. Res. 1, CQ Vote #51: Passed 300-132: R 228-2; D 72-129; I 0-1, 1/26/95, Pelosi Voted Nay)
    Pelosi Prefers More Spending On Social
    Programs Than Tax Relief For Americans

    Pelosi Called Welfare Reform “War On The Poor” And “Attack” On Women And Children. “‘What they are doing is declaring war on the poor people of America,’ said Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, of the Republican welfare reform efforts. ‘They have given a new meaning to putting women and children first, because they have put them first in their attack.’” (David Phinney, “Bay Area Democrats Blast Welfare Reform,” States News Service, 2/23/95)

    Pelosi Voted Against Welfare Reform In Both 1995 And 1996. (H.R. 4, CQ Vote #269: Passed 234-199: R 225-5; D 9-193; I 0-1, 3/24/95, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 3734, CQ Vote #383: Adopted 328-101: R 230-2; D 98-98; I 0-1, 7/31/96, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Pelosi Voted Against Overhauling Public Housing. (H.R. 4194, CQ Vote #296: Adopted 230-181: R 215-4; D 15-176; I 0-1, 7/17/98, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    In 1995, Pelosi Was Upset At Thought Of Cutting Social Programs And Said American Families Do Not Want Tax Cuts. “‘The extreme Republican cuts are the equivalent of wiping out all state spending for one-and-a-quarter of the next seven years.’ The $72.9 billion cut would only affect social programs ranging from Medicare and Medi-Cal to school lunches and student loans, and does not include reduced spending expected in housing, health and human services or the U.S. Department of Interior, Pelosi said. … ‘Do you think that the American family wants a tax break of $1 dollar a day to pay for this?’ Pelosi asked.” (David Phinney, “California Democrats Warn Budget Cuts Will Undermine State’s Economic Recovery,” States News Service, 11/8/95)

    “Pelosi Believes In Big Government.” “A shrewd politician, she has a strong liberal voting record and is handily re-elected every two years. … Pelosi believes in big government. She built her career fighting for federal funds for health, housing and education programs.” (Marianne Means, Op-Ed, “Hooray For Pelosi,” Tulsa World, 10/13/01)


    Pelosi Is Extreme And Out Of Touch On Abortion Issues

    Pelosi Has Voted At Least Eight Times Against Banning Partial-Birth Abortion. (H.R. 1833, CQ Vote #756, Passed 288-139: R 215-15; D 73-123; I 0-1, 11/1/95, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 1833, CQ Vote #422, Passed 285-137: R 215-15; D 70-121; I 0-1, 9/19/96, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 1122, Roll Call Vote #65, Passed 295-136: R 218-8; D 77-127; I 0-1, 3/20/97, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 1122, Roll Call Vote #325, Passed 296-132: R 219-8; D 77-123; I 0-1, 7/23/98, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 3660, Roll Call Vote #104, Passed 287-141: R 209-8; D 77-132; I 1-1, 4/5/00, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 4965, Roll Call Vote #343, Passed 274-151: R 208-9; D 65-141; I 1-1, 7/24/02, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 760, CQ Vote #242: Passed 282-139: R 220-5; D 62-133; I 0-1, 6/4/03, Pelosi Voted Nay; S. 3, CQ Vote #530: Adopted 281-142: R 218-4; D 63-137; I 0-1, 10/2/03, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Partial Birth Abortion Ban Is “Misguided Attempt To Play Doctor.” “I rise in strong opposition to the so-called Partial Birth Abortion Act. Mr. Speaker, everyone in this room knows that if this Congress succeeds in this misguided attempt to play doctor, not one abortion will be prevented.” (Representative Nancy Pelosi, Congressional Record, 4/5/00, p. H1791)

    Pelosi Calls Partial Birth Abortion Ban “Unwarranted And Unneeded Government Intrusion.” “I thank the gentlewoman from Colorado for her leadership and for yielding me this time. Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this legislation and to the veto override of HR1833. I believe it is unconstitutional and interferes directly with the practice of medicine. It is an unwarranted and unneeded government intrusion into medicine and into the family. The bill destroys the family’s right to face a devastating circumstance with safety and dignity. But don’t listen to me. I think that nothing speaks more eloquently to this issue than the voice of some of the families who have been through these very, very sad circumstances. Many women who have undergone this procedure have bravely shared their stories with Members of Congress and the country, because of their great fear that other women facing tragic circumstances late in pregnancy will not have access to the safest possible procedures.” (Representative Nancy Pelosi, Congressional Record, 9/19/96, p. H10611)

    Vast Majority Of Americans Support Ban On Partial-Birth Abortion. “The newly enacted ban on partial-birth abortion, signed into law yesterday by President Bush, is likely to meet with broad public approval. In Gallup’s latest poll, 68% of the public says the procedure should be illegal, while only 25% say it should be legal.” (Lydia Saad, “Americans Agree With Banning ‘Partial-Birth Abortion,’” The Gallup Organization, 11/6/03)

    Pelosi Has Voted At Least Twice Against Unborn Victims Of Violence Act. (H.R. 1997, CQ Vote #31: Passed 254-163: R 207-13; D 47-149; I 0-1, 2/26/04, Pelosi Voted Nay; H.R. 2436, CQ Vote #465: Passed 254-172: R 198-21; D 56-150; I 0-1, 9/30/99, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Support Unborn Victims Of Violence Act. A Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll conducted July 15-16, 2003 of 900 registered voters nationwide with a margin of error of +/-3% found that 79% of Americans believe prosecutors should be able to charge an attacker with the murder of an unborn child if a violent physical attack on a woman has resulted in the child’s death. (Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll, 7/15-16/03, +/-3%)

    Pelosi Voted In Favor Of Human Cloning For Medical Research. (H.R. 2505, CQ Vote #302: Rejected 178-249: R 25-194; D 153-53; I 0-2, 7/31/01, Pelosi Voted Yea)

    Pelosi Supports Abortion On Demand. “Pelosi supports abortion on demand at any time, for any reason. She has voted against a measure to outlaw the procedure known as partial birth abortion, which sucks the brains from a fully developed baby as he/she emerges from the birth canal. She voted against a bill that would outlaw transportation of minors across state lines for the purpose of obtaining an abortion unless it was to protect the girl’s life.” (Editorial, “Selection Of Nancy Pelosi Would Be Another GOP Victory,” The Augusta Chronicle, 11/13/02)

    Pelosi Is Extreme And Out Of Touch On Homosexual Issues

    Pelosi Was One Of Only 65 House Democrats And 67 Total House Members To Vote Against Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA). (H.R. 3396, CQ Vote #316: Passed 342-67: R 224-1; D 118-65; I 0-1, 7/12/96, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Pelosi Called DOMA “Blatant Act Of Discrimination.” Pelosi called Defense Of Marriage Act “a blatant act of discrimination. She said the definition of family is an individual and personal decision. Pelosi asked her colleagues, ‘Should you find yourself in a situation where your child or close relatives or close friends find solace, happiness, confidence, love and support in a relationship that’s appropriate for them, wouldn’t you want them to have the legal recognition they deserve? It isn’t a threat to anyone.’” (Elizabeth Schwinn, “Same-Sex Marriage Bill Up For House Vote,” The San Francisco Examiner, 7/12/96)

    Pelosi Voted To Lift Ban On Homosexuals In Military. (H.R. 2401, CQ Vote #460: Rejected 169-264: R 11-163; D 157-10; I 1-0, 9/28/93, Pelosi Voted Yea)

    Pelosi Was One Of Eleven Who Signed Letter To Clinton Asking Him To Resign Position As Honorary Head Of Boy Scouts Because Of Boy Scouts’ Policy On Homosexuals. “Eleven members of Congress have signed a letter asking President Clinton to resign as the honorary head of the Boy Scouts of America now that the Supreme Court has upheld the organization’s legal right to ban homosexuals. … In a letter sent to Clinton Thursday, Petaluma Democrat Lynn Woolsey called the Boy Scouts’ policy on gays ‘unacceptable.’ ‘In order to disavow this policy of intolerance, as well as to clarify any misperception of implicit presidential approval, we urge you, the leader of our nation, to resign as the honorary head of the BSA (Boy Scouts of America),’ the letter said. It was signed by Woolsey and 10 other Democrats who have worked closely with Clinton in the past, including Reps. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, Barbara Lee of Oakland and George Miller of Martinez.” (Marc Sandalow, “Clinton Asked To Step Down As Honorary Head Of Scouts,” The San Francisco Chronicle, 7/15/00)

    Pelosi Called Sexually Explicit Workshops For Gay And Bisexual Men With Names Like “Booty Call” “Heroic Work.” “Conducting sexually explicit workshops with names like ‘Booty Call’ is ‘difficult, and often heroic, work’ deserving of support from American taxpayers, according to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat. The Stop AIDS Project, a San Francisco organization that received nearly $700,000 in federal funding last year, promoted workshops condemned as ‘obscene’ last month in a report from the inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In a letter to HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson, Mrs. Pelosi asks that ‘potential punitive measures against Stop AIDS Project be set aside,’ according to the Bay Area Reporter. ‘The federal government has a responsibility to support the difficult, and often heroic, work of these organizations. … For nearly 20 years, Stop AIDS Project has been an example for HIV educators nationwide,’ Mrs. Pelosi wrote. The inspector general’s report – which found Stop AIDS Project had violated federal guidelines for AIDS-prevention materials – ‘could undermine the work of an effective organization, and inadvertently contribute to the burden of disease and death among gay and bisexual men,’ she wrote.” (Robert Stacy McCain, The Washington Times, 12/21/01)
    Pelosi Is Soft On Crime

    Pelosi Supports Midnight Basketball As Way To Fight Crime. “The new crime bill, according to Pelosi, would eliminate programs like the Midnight Basketball League, which has been such a success at the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center.” (Huel Washington, “Welfare Reform Hits Hardest At The Poor Folks,” The Sun Reporter, 1/19/95)

    Pelosi Is Against Three-Strikes-You’re-Out. “Pelosi said stiffer penalties alone will not solve the problems of violent crime. More has to be done, she said, to improve the living standards in crime-ravaged communities and ensure adequate representation for low-income people in the criminal justice system. ‘I myself am not raising the flag on ‘three-strikes-and-[you’re]-out’,’ Pelosi said.” (Derrick DePledge, “Bay Area Lawmakers Optimistic About Progress In New Session,” States News Service, 1/25/94)

    Pelosi Opposes Death Penalty. “A California congresswoman has vowed to introduce a bill to abolish the death penalty, but even she admits her plan has no chance of approval against a rising tide of opinion that favors capital punishment. ‘Let’s be realistic. This for discussion,’ said Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. ‘We know that the majority of people are not with us and Congress is not with us.’ Pelosi said her bill would be for purposes of discussion and education of the American public, with a long-term goal of developing support for a death penalty ban. ‘I don’t think we have more than 100 votes’ in the House, the San Francisco representative admitted.” (Carol Emert, “Anti-Death Penalty Bill Planned,” States News Service, 8/5/92)
    Pelosi Is Out Of Touch On Drug Abuse

    Pelosi Supports Needle Exchange. “Rep. Nancy Pelosi today criticized the House Republican leadership for failing to properly arm local health officials in the ongoing war on the spread of HIV/AIDS. By a vote of 266-158 the House voted to bar the Secretary of Health and Human Services from spending any federal funds for Needle Exchange Programs. ‘With today’s vote, the Republican-led House stripped the Secretary’s authority to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS,’ Pelosi said. … ‘Needle exchange doesn’t increase the number of needles on the street. It decreases the number of contaminated needles in circulation.’ In the interest of cutting costs and acting fiscally responsible, Rep. Pelosi reminded the Members of the cost-savings associated with prevention. ‘Aside from the human and emotional toll the HIV infection inflicts, the medical cost of caring for someone infected with the virus is $120,000. We can prevent infection and the spread of the disease with a 10-cent syringe. That makes fiscal sense to me,’ Pelosi said.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Press Release, 9/11/97)

    Pelosi Co-Sponsored Medical Marijuana Bill. “Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) joined with Congressman Barney Frank today as an original co-sponsor of his Medical Use of Marijuana Act. The legislation would end Federal restrictions on the medical use of marijuana which currently run counter to new state laws in California and Arizona. ‘The opportunity to ease the suffering of people who are enduring difficult and sometimes painful therapies is an opportunity we can not ignore,’ Pelosi said. The bill would move marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule II drug, a change that would acknowledge the medical uses of the drug, and allow for states to determine its medical uses without being in conflict with Federal law. The bill would also remove barriers to biomedical research on the safety and efficacy of marijuana in relieving pain and wasting syndrome.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Press Release, 6/4/97)
    Pelosi Is Hostile To Gun Owners’ Rights

    Citizens Committee For Right To Keep And Bear Arms Decried Selection Of Pelosi As House Minority Leader. “By selecting anti-gun rights ultra-liberal Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California as House Minority Leader, congressional Democrats are turning their party farther away from mainstream America, and clearly demonstrating their contempt for a voting bloc they had spent months courting: America’s gun owners. ‘Just days after the mid-term elections, in which Democrats had been soft-peddling their position on gun rights, the party has dropped all pretenses by elevating Nancy Pelosi to its leadership position,’ said Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA). ‘Democrats have not simply turned a cold shoulder to America’s 80 million gun owners, they have stabbed those gun owners in the back.’ Added CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron, ‘If there were ever any doubt about where Democrats, as a party, stood on the gun rights issue, those doubts evaporated today with Pelosi’s virtual coronation as the new House Minority Leader. California gun owners know that Nancy Pelosi never saw an anti-gun rights law she didn’t love.’” (Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, “Democrats Turn Further Away From Mainstream America In Picking Pelosi,” U.S. Newswire, 11/8/02)

    Pelosi Voted For Waiting Period For Handgun Purchases. (H.R. 7, CQ Vote #83: Passed 239-186: R 60-102; D 179-83; I 0-1, 5/8/91, Pelosi Voted Yea)

    Pelosi Voted For Brady Bill. (H.R. 1025, CQ Vote #564: Passed 238-189: R 54-119; D 184-69; I 0-1, 11/10/93, Pelosi Voted Yea)
    Pelosi Votes Against Protecting American Flag

    Pelosi Suggested Being Tolerant Toward Flag Burners Is “Measure Of Our Patriotism.” “As an issue, the flag desecration amendment is, of course, entirely symbolic. Its sponsors believe that support is, symbolically speaking, tantamount to being a patriotic American. But what is true patriotism in the context of the American experiment? At its heart, I believe, is an abiding tolerance – a tolerance so deep and so pervasive that it easily absorbs all insults. … We Americans are most patriotically American when we display our tolerance of virtually all behavior – short, of course, of crimes against people and property. Simply turning away from even such objectionable behavior as the burning of the flag is, then, a true test of our tolerance, a measure of our patriotism, a demonstration of our Americanism.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi As Quoted In “Verbatim; That’s Some Star-Spangled Debating!” The Washington Post, 7/4/99)

    Pelosi Voted Against Amendment To Protect American Flag From Desecration. (H. J. Res. 350, CQ Vote #192: Rejected 254-177: R 159-17; D 95-160, 6/21/90, Pelosi Voted Nay)


    On Partial-Birth Abortion

    Pelosi Disagreed With Daschle, Biden And Leahy On Banning Partial-Birth Abortion. Pelosi supports partial-birth abortion, while Daschle, Biden and Leahy voted to ban the procedure. (H.R. 760, CQ Vote #242: Passed 282-139: R 220-5; D 62-133; I 0-1, 6/4/03, Pelosi Voted Nay; S. 3, CQ Vote #530: Adopted 281-142: R 218-4; D 63-137; I 0-1, 10/2/03, Pelosi Voted Nay; S. 3, CQ Vote #51: Passed 64-33: R 48-3; D 16-29; I 0-1, 3/13/03, Daschle And Leahy Voted Yea; S. 3, CQ Vote #402: Agreed To 64-34: R 47-3; D 17-30; I 0-1, 10/21/03, Daschle, Biden And Leahy Voted Yea)
    On 1991 Iraq War Resolution

    Pelosi Disagreed With Gore, Lieberman And Graham On Use Of Force. Pelosi voted against the Persian Gulf War, while Gore, Lieberman And Graham all supported the use of force to liberate Kuwait. (S. J. Res. 2, Senate Vote #2: Passed 52-47: R 42-2, D 10-45, 1/12/91, Gore, Lieberman And Graham Voted Yea; H. J. Res. 77, Roll Call Vote #9: Passed 250-183: R 164-3; D 86-179; I 0-1, 1/12/91, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    On North American Free Trade Agreement

    Pelosi Disagreed With Gephardt, On NAFTA. Pelosi voted in favor of NAFTA, while Gephardt opposed the trade agreement. (H.R. 3450, Roll Call #575: Passed 234-200: R 132-43; D102-156; I 0-1, 11/17/93, Pelosi Voted Yea, Gephardt Voted Nay)
    On Gay Marriage

    Pelosi Disagreed With Gephardt, Daschle, Harkin and Wellstone On Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA). Pelosi voted against DOMA, while Gephardt, Daschle, Harkin and Wellstone supported the bill. (H.R. 3396, CQ Vote #316: Passed 342-67: R 224-1; D 118-65; I 0-1, 7/12/96, Pelosi Voted Nay, Gephardt Voted Yea; H.R. 3396, CQ Vote #280: Passed 85-14: R 53-0; D 32-14, 9/10/96, Daschle, Harkin And Wellstone Voted Yea)

    On 2002 Iraq War Resolution

    Pelosi Disagreed With Gephardt, Kerry And Edwards On Authorizing Use Of Force In Iraq. Pelosi voted against authorizing President Bush to use force in Iraq. Gephardt, Kerry and Edwards all voted in favor of granting the president authority to use force. (H. J. Res. 114, CQ Vote #455: Passed 296-133: R 215-6; D 81-126; I 0-1, 10/10/02, Pelosi Voted Nay, Gephardt Voted Yea; H. J. Res. 114, CQ Vote #237: Passed 77-23: R 48-1; D 29-21; I 0-1, 10/11/02, Kerry And Edwards Voted Yea)

    On $87 Billion Iraq/Afghanistan Emergency Supplemental

    Pelosi Disagreed With Gephardt, Clinton, Daschle And Feinstein On Funding Troops And Reconstruction In Iraq And Afghanistan. Pelosi voted against the war supplemental, while Gephardt, Clinton, Daschle And Feinstein supported the funding. (H.R. 3289, CQ Vote #562: Passed 303-125: R 220-6; D 83-118; I 0-1, 10/17/03, Pelosi Voted Nay, Gephardt Voted Yea; S. 1689, CQ Vote #400: Passed 87-12: R 50-0; D 37-11; I 0-1, 10/17/03, Clinton, Daschle And Feinstein Voted Yea)
  2. OCA

    OCA VIP Member

    Feb 1, 2004
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    Washington D.C.
    Damn Jimmy is back with a vengeance! Hey she is actually from Baltimore, her old man was the mayor of Baltimore at 1 time and she cut her political teeth on the Democratic political machine that has controlled Baltimore for decades. How she ended up in Frisco I don't recall but she is a vicious little liberal troll that is for damn sure.
  3. Zhukov

    Zhukov VIP Member

    Dec 21, 2003
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    Everywhere, simultaneously.
    You forgot to mention she's scary looking.
  4. 5stringJeff

    5stringJeff Senior Member

    Sep 15, 2003
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    Puyallup, WA
    Jim, I'm really not sure how you feel about Pelosi... are you saying you would like to see her as Kerry's running mate?

  5. Jimmyeatworld

    Jimmyeatworld Silver Member

    Jan 12, 2004
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    Why not? That would be Kerry's kiss of death for sure.
  6. Avatar4321

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    Feb 22, 2004
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    You mean he still has life?
  7. Gop guy

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    Apr 17, 2004
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    West Reading PA
    Most definetly.
  8. Bern80

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    Jan 9, 2004
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    wow, talk about your liberal poster child.

    I don't know that i have ever seen more liberal votes on such a wide range of issues in my life. Usually there a couple issues that liberals don't completley have their head in the sand on, hell even Kerry opposes gay marriage.

    Her picture should be in the dictionary under the definition of liberal.
  9. freeandfun1

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    Feb 14, 2004
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    And the democrats hate being labeled "left wing liberals" yet they elected her as Minority Speaker.....
  10. KLSuddeth

    KLSuddeth Guest

    I think that any sane person would hate being labeled anything...
    unless they were like me and labeled a genius... that pretty well rocks as well as being trueahahahahha!!:D

    :p: neener :p:

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