NAACP Takes Case Against Voter ID Laws to UN

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Clementine, Mar 19, 2012.

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    First, how are they coming up with the crap that requiring IDs will disproportionately affect minorities? Are they actuall saying that minorities are unable to acquire a simple document to prove their identity? Anyone can do that, unless of course they are not who they claim to be. Otherwise, not an issue. There is ample circumstancial evidence that the liberals in Washington are courting the illegal alien vote. They want as many here as possible, they want to grant them amnesty, give them all the freebies they can and in turn, the new entitlement mentality voters will ensure their power. Obama has done more to help illegal aliens than he has to help American citizens.

    The only reason they are fighting the voter ID law is because it will make it difficult to cheat. There is no other reason that makes sense, though they'd like us to believe it's because minorities are too damn stupid to get an ID card or driver's license.

    And since when does the UN have a right to interfere in our country's elections? It's bad enough they want a deal to control guns in the US. They can kiss off.

    NAACP Takes Case Against Voter ID Laws To UN : NPR

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