my prediction. enjoy.

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    Mitt Romney wins the election, and it isn't close, but it's not a blow out either. He wins handily. The congress will still be split. The Democrats will employ the Republican strategy of "bunkerism". They will hunker down and see if the Republicans can run the government successfully with one party. This strategy destroyed the Obama presidency, and now we will see if it destroys the Romney presidency. Signing statements will now be the only way the government can function. The media, sad they aren't making billions in campaign ad money, will start the next campaign cycle within three months.

    Mitt Romney will...
    1. Have us at war (agressive military action) with a muslim country within a year.
    2. He will not repeal Obama care.
    3. He will not adress imigration.
    4. He will spend the majority of his presidency dealing with Wall Street and foreign matters.
    5. The economy will sputter along until a budget is passed. When it passes the economy will improve significantly.
    6. He will then give Wall street everything they want in the form of deregulation.
    7. This will set up the next and last financial crash. We will not recover from this next one.
    8. His major failure will be the money he borrows from China to wage war in the middle east.

    This is my prediction.

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