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    View America’s global government advocates as corporate raiders à la Mitt Romney —— then think of governments as corporations where government officials function as executives. Prophetically, one branch of America’s government is actually called the Executive Branch.

    I say prophetically because corporate executives are about profits not individual liberties. The profit motive is as it should be so be so long as the government is dedicated to protecting the individual’s Rights. The system got knocked out of whack when the government began acting like a corporation, at the same time private sector corporations began acting like a government. Today, corporations control the economy, dictate prices, eliminate competition in the marketplace, and so on.

    It all began when Charles Erwin Wilson (1890 - 1961) uttered one of the most misquoted lines in history. At his confirmation hearing for Secretary of Defense he said:

    Most people remember the misquote:

    President Eisenhower made Wilson Secretary of Defense from 1953 to 1957. Ike fully understood the need for an armaments industry as you’ll see in his famous military-industrial-complex warning:

    Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. - YouTube

    Little did Ike know that the corporate/government executives would stretch far beyond the armaments industry and eventually control the country to the point of endangering our liberties.

    I want to make one further observation about Ike. When he said “My fellow Americans.” everybody knew he meant it. Think about Ike the next time you hear a UN-loving president say it.

    Inevitably, corporate executives saw taking more and more from the corporation’s income as a divine Right without doing a thing to improve products and sales. In that sense government executives are worse than private sector corporate executives because government executives do not have to bother with the profit motive; they have only to increase taxes in order to increase incomes for themselves and friends.

    The takeover

    In pre-Eisenhower days countries were conquered. Countries are purchased nowadays. Government officials are paid huge sums of foreign aid and development money just as corporate executives are paid off when their companies are purchased.

    Whenever a large corporation acquires a smaller, weaker, company the executives in the weaker company are necessary in the transition period; so they have the option of accepting executive positions in the new corporate structure or being eliminated immediately. Global government advocates use the corporate model when they takeover governments.

    The danger

    When a corporation is taken over it can be eliminated, employees discharged, plants closed, assets sold, etc. That is where government takeovers run into a problem. A supreme government cannot close a country and fire an entire population. In order for a government takeover to work —— populations have to be eliminated, or thinned down to a manageable size. The New World Order crowd planned for that contingency by laying the foundation for population controls.

    NOTE: Middle management and the workforce get nothing in private sector corporate takeovers; often they do not get the pensions they thought they had coming. On the plus side they were not scheduled for extermination.

    Decades of overpopulation scare tactics convinced millions of middle Americans, and Europeans, that population control measures in Third World countries is a humane solution to overpopulation. To arrive at that conclusion they had to first believe that the size of a population in a Third World country was their business to begin with.

    You can even find Americans at the lowest level of society who blame overpopulation for their problems. Why they all believe corporate executives see them differently then they view excess inhabitants in Third World countries is a mystery of human nature far beyond my understanding.

    Finally, population controls unites the wealthiest of New World Order advocates with their counterparts in Communist countries. There is one policy government/corporate executives will never disagree on: Humane genocide.

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