Muzzies Turn To Crucifixion As Political Discourse

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    Arab Spring run amok: 'Brotherhood' Starts Crucifixions

    That's right, our president's new BFF, Mohammed Morsi, has pulled a page out of former EPA supervisor Al Armendiaz's playbook and started crucifying his opposition.

    Yeah, that would be the same Mohammed Morsi who has been invited by our ambiguously Christian president to visit the White House.

    Mr Jihad Goes To Washington

    Yeah, that would be the same US president who has shown little more than disdain for our strongest Middle East ally while making a two dollar whore of himself in reaching out to those sworn to their destruction.

    Islamic extremists around the world laugh at Obama as he demonstrates his conviction that his childish pandering will be as effective on the world stage as it has been in misleading stupid American liberals.
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