*Muslims Spread The Love On Each Other Boom!*

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. Found this just now, seems muslims love killing, even if its each other.
    2. They attacked a mosque killing no less than 52 other muslims.
    3. Seems they don't have the *Final Prophet* so they must all die!

    Link&Sample:Lahore Pakistan: 52 killed in Pakistan mosque attacks - latimes.com

    "Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan ┬ŚMilitants in the eastern city of Lahore lay siege on two mosques belonging to a minority sect Friday, killing at least 52 people in a pair of highly coordinated attacks that exposed the vulnerability of groups considered outside the mainstream of Pakistani society.

    The sect targeted, the Ahmadis, is one of the country's most beleaguered minority groups. Numbering about 4 million, Ahmadis consider themselves Muslims but believe their late 19th century founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, was a prophet of God, a belief condemned by many Pakistani Muslims who regard Muhammad as Islam's final prophet. The group has been heavily discriminated against in Pakistan and is legally barred from calling themselves Muslims.

    The attacks in Lahore occurred in the afternoon during Friday prayers, when legions of Ahmadis fill two of the sect's mosques in the neighborhoods of Model Town and Garhi Shahu. In both cases, militants were able to easily get inside the mosques, where they sprayed gunfire and threw grenades at terrified worshippers. Many of the dead were shot in the head. At least 125 people were injured in the attacks, authorities said.

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    An Ahmadi elder from the Model Town mosque said the mosque had been getting threatening phone calls for some time, and had reported the threats to Lahore police. "We asked the government and police several times to enhance our security, but we didn't get anything," the elder said, speaking on the condition that his name not be given because he feared retribution.

    Witnesses said four militants attacked the Model Town mosque at about 1:40 p.m. One of the assailants killed a security guard at a front gate and then ran into the mosque while another attacker shot through a window at the back of the building to get inside. Hundreds of worshippers inside scurried for cover as the militants fired indiscriminately.

    An Ahmadi who would only give his first name, Shahzad, said he and other followers hid on an upper floor while gunfire rang out in the building's main hall. "They were throwing grenades and firing everywhere," Shahzad said. "Our leader told us to stay calm and asked us to pray quietly. I was very afraid and very sure that the terrorists would come upstairs and kill us."

    Shahzad said when he looked down onto the main floor, he saw several worshippers lying in pools of blood, many of them with gunshot wounds to their heads. Nearby, a militant clutching a Kalashnikov rifle lay gravely injured, gasping for breath.

    Authorities say one of the attackers in Model Town was killed and that another was subdued by worshippers. The whereabouts of the other two assailants was unknown. The death toll at the Model Town mosque stood at 19 as of Friday afternoon. At least 50 people were injured.

    After the attack, Ahmadi worshippers formed a human chain around the compound to prevent media and outsiders from getting inside. Worshippers were angered by what they said was a delayed response from police once the attack began. Though a police station is near the mosque, the Ahmadi elder said police arrived about 50 minutes after worshippers called for help.

    At about the same time the Model Town mosque was attacked, between seven to 10 gunmen were storming into an Ahmadi mosque in the Garhi Shahu neighborhood. About 1,000 worshippers were inside at the time of the attack. As in the Model Town attack, gunmen at the Garhi Shahu mosque fired wildly at worshippers and threw grenades inside the building. Authorities said 33 people were killed and 75 injured in that attack."

    4. Islam is a deadly murdering cult, if you can't see it, your village is calling, they want thier idiot back,....


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