Mostly Low Rates of Campaign Ads V. "Christ-Centered Rape(?)" Ads In Indiana!

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    One thing notable about the Los Angeles / Southern California media market: Mostly only sparsely does Obama advertise there, and "Romney Who?" does very little advertising there. That is apparently the case nationwide, and in most of the races!

    So now that the "Christ-Centered Rape," Republican National Social Agenda has come up again: It is noted that mostly the ads that have appeared are in Indiana! The total of 13,000 ads is topped only by Montana, where ads are relatively inexpensive anyway. This is proably just about the Senate. Anyone has to conclude that the really big spending on all the races likely starts right after, or around, Halloween!|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

    The Karl Rove pac has actually pissed away the most money, in Indiana, backing: "The Candidate For Christ-Centered Rape In America(?)!" And then even The Karl Rove pac is still yapping on about National Health Insurance--and is completely overlooking what now nearly everyone else has likely noticed. The main caveat, is "Not From Any Ads!"

    Mostly, nationally, apparently most people are not getting infomercial messages from ads!Mostly, actual data is easily happening, nationally, from TV, radio, and newspaper reporting sources. The internet and youtube are no doubt major sources, and Twitter Tweets.

    Either there is an issues campaign underway, or there is a campaign underway: Mostly devoid of content.

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