More than $200M pledged to beat Somali pirates

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    somali pirates are mostly uneducated young men. their leaders are a select few and we need to lay out 200 million...we being the global we...200 million to defeat a bunch of punk ass kids??? would it be better to extend this 200 million as foreign aid to the coastal countries that protect the pirates....i mean face it this area is clearly for sale...if we are gonna spend 200 million lets get more for it than punk ass kids in jail for the rest of their lives...

    (CNN) -- Countries have pledged $213 million at an international conference to boost security in Somalia and halt the country's growing piracy problem.

    Somalia's prime minister says the international naval patrols are having little effect on the piracy problem.

    "We have a unique opportunity to support leaders who have shown a commitment to building peace and rebuilding the Somali state," Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. "By opening the space for security, we open the door to a better life for Somalia's people."

    "The risks of not supporting the new government are too high and the costs of failure too enormous," Ban added.

    Organized by the European Union, the conference included leaders from the United Nations and African Union.

    As the pledges rolled in, Somalia's prime minister told CNN that international naval patrols in the Gulf of Aden were not solving the problem of piracy in the region.

    Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke pointed to the recent increase in pirate attacks as evidence, and called for the U.N. arms embargo on Somalia to be lifted so the government can fight back against the pirates and militant Islamist groups.

    full article:

    More than $200M pledged to beat Somali pirates -

    o hell like the un is gonna really use the 200 million to any productive me any history of them doing that?
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    Maybe if the French left them alone instead of overfishing off their waters AND illegally dumping chemical waste off their shores then the pirates might settle down.

    Oh, and maybe if the Europeans hadn't completely screwed up the whole continent of Africa with their botched colonialism, then Africa might be in better shape.

    You can thank the Europeans for completely screwing up both Africa and the Middle East. The English, French and Dutch pooped all over the place, and it still stinks.

    This might be hard to believe, but before Europeans arrived, Africa had thriving civilizations, and Muslims had laws, science, math and medicine that was far ahead of European standards, including laws affecting women (property, inheritance, etc.).

    The Middle East is in the position it's in precisely because of British bungling.

    Aside from some pretty darn good rock and roll, the British are screwups.

    P.S. Since my family has strong English, Scottish and Irish roots, I can say that. So there.

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