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    perhaps it is memory playing tricks...i had one child ...a boy...i remember the first 4 years as being a whirlwind of actions...i remember loving nap i could collapse...i remember odd things hidden....smells that came out of the ever seen what becomes of a half a glass of milk about months? i have...having a little one is an endless experiment in insanity...the continual three bites...o hell no you didnt just toss your cookies over stuffed mushrooms...oy vey toilet just goes on and on....

    now imagine having 6 toddlers and 4 new babies...(they have allowed 4 babies to come home) it is simply impossible to do have time ...yet she does...she has time to bitch about this and that on tv...even by telephone...

    her house has been redone by volunteers....i wonder how long it will be before they take her kids?

    so do you think anyone is capable of loving and caring for that many kids without help?

    or are my memories fooling me about loving and caring for a child...i do remember it as 24/7....and the trips to the er....did i mention those? busted hooks in thumb...(and a 4 year old cannot drink jack till you can push it thru, thank you very much)


    The latest sad turn in the case is that Suleman has banished Angels in Waiting, saying she was uncomfortable with the nannies, especially after one of them called child protective services about unsafe conditions in the home. Allred has filed a complaint with Los Angeles County authorities, seeking an investigation into whether the 14 children would be endangered if left solely in Nadya's care. And Dr. Phil, sounding slightly embarrassed, says he's withdrawing from the situation.

    Of course, Suleman is not so upset that she didn't call in to Dr. Phil's program to join the debate over whether she was an unfit mother. She has actively sought media attention from the start, perhaps because that's the only way she can hope to get financial help to raise the children she cannot support.

    Everyone involved claims to be primarily concerned about the babies. But media outlets also seem to be feasting on the tragedy as it drags on through yet another ratings period.

    Kurtz: Exploring the scene at octuplets' house -

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