More Pork.. brought to you by congress....

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    Capitol Hill newspapers are reporting tonight that House defense appropriators have earmarked unrequested funds toward the F136 alternate engine for the Joint Strike Fighter. The spending subcommittee had a closed-door markup of its first-take on regular 2011 defense appropriations today.

    The Hill and CongressDaily both reported that the panel approved $450 million for the F136 in an 11-5 vote. The panel's chairman, Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Wash.), apparently did not favor the move but the ranking House Republican appropriator, Rep. Jerry Lewis (Calif.), pushed the language successfully. "I talked to [Defense Secretary Robert] Gates twice about this and he has told me they will veto this bill, without any question," Dicks told reporters after the closed-door markup. "I felt that we should not put it in because of that," he said according to CongressDaily.

    Our Govt. is almost 13 Trillion dollars in debt and looking for ways to reduce that, the F-35 has a developed engine for the aircraft that has thousands of hours of flight time and testing. There is zero need from another engine other than as a way to make G.E. happy, and people wonder why our Govt. is so deep in debt.

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