More Great Socialist Bail-Out-New-Paradigm-Mania-Money!

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    The Marshall Plan had bailed out Europe, post-WWII. The Bush Administration had bailed out banks with TARP. The Obama Administration had bailed out state and local governments--and federal contractors--with the Stimulus. It became clear that Cash-for-Clunkers would have to then kick-in before the Schedule M refundable tax credit, and an actual jobs-creation bill. The market's actual share of the Stimulus was no doubt being held back on advice from the Ivy League backers of the U. S. Banks.

    Of Real Central Banks, The Mainland Chinese Socialists mainly helped finance it. The Mainland Chinese Socialists were also creating the New Paradigm China, which no one calls it. The TARP program, over-reaction, of too much where nothing was needed in the first place--still finds no receptive audience, in the United States. The banks shut down, and just paid if off.

    Billions might wonder if everthing unprecedented was some new arithmetic. The European ministers then came up with even more $1.0 tril. to bail-out EuroZone banks. These were a collective of Central Bankers, so necessary this one likely was.

    Meanwhile, back in the Western Ranching Communities, The Tea Party most famously tossed out a Conservative Republican, Establishment Senator, over the weekend in Utah.

    Anyone then asks whether or not they are going to have anything to do with any of this Socialist money?!? The old Senator had voted for TARP, willing to go along with whatever that was for.

    Likely everyone world-wide would have to agree that "Reagan-Trajectory," none of this was. Harry Truman's concept of Ronald Reagan was probably framed more in terms of unnatural behavior with chimpanzees. President Truman could famously hold his own in a discussion of it with Vice President Biden, and Obama's Chief-of-Staff!

    The corporations and investors seem to be able to work with it all just fine. Unhappy Greeks --under austerity--aside: Now the rest of the world can commence re-discovering even the rest of the world(?), involving even that part of it with no concept of central bank credit markets, worldwide socialism, at all.

    Anyone is reminded of Haiti, and East Africa, and the rest of the "New Failed Conservative, Tea Party GOP Agenda:" Even before it gets off ground! The Euro-Ministers even referred to "Wolf Packs" of opportunists, probably with origins in Alaska!

    News Headlines

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Her Majesty's PM will now resign, to open the liklihood of a Labour-Liberal Coalition--Especially post-Davos, wherein even The Orginal Thirteen of The Colonies: Saw no need to get involved in a central-bank credit-market based economy--So unlike the planet's real bankers!)
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