More Bush Policy War Planning Atrocity In Afghanistan

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    Sitting Bush, President, prior to 9/11: Rose and left for the Ranch! The Great Entrepreneurial Spirit--after two tax cuts for the rich--was not appeased. Help Was On The Way, And even with the terrorist threat eliminated in the atomization of the two buildings in City of New York.

    Clearly, intensive international police work could commence--and so none did. Military planning instead: Was set in motion. Therefore, Osama bin laden would never be found, captured, or otherwise brought to trial. Instead, U. s. soldiers would get their friends(?) killed, and wounded, and disabled in two basis-free military incursions: Intended to do precisely that. The first incursion would oust the legitimate Afghanistan government, of the Taliban. The Second incursion would oust the legitimate Iraqi government, of Al Qaeda opponent, Socialist Sadaam Hussein: Neighbor of Socialist Israel, which he despised.

    The Taliban would regroup in Pakistan, and then re-engage in Afghanistan. The tribes of Iraq would eventually go back to civil strife as usual. 2 million refugees would happen, and the installed government of Afghanistan would re-engage in tribal corruption as uusual. There would be the included new policy of taxes where none had been levied before(?)! Military Planners know what taxes are for!

    AFP: Pakistan troops capture key towns in S.Waziristan

    Now Pakistan is involved, alarmed that any further U. S. "Military Planning." might happen, in Afghanistan again.

    Al Qaeda has still never had it so good: With the America-despisers in the Pentagon, busily spending mega-bucks, enticing young males--of America--to kill, wound, and disable one another. "Military Planning," in the U. S. Pentagon, so far reduces to creating cannon fodder for mega-bombings intended to turn U. S. soldiers into "Roadkill!"

    The best the Western Press Corps can come up with is that all this "weighs heavily," on Washington, D. C.(?)! Apparently the Pakistanis, Afghanis, Iraqis, the Taliban and the Al Qaeda are too busy having way too much fun!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Entrepreneurial Spirit of Reagan Trajectory: Need Pronto: Go back to the bottle, (clearly like they do in the Pentagon)!)
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