MOBAMACARE (Mob ama Care) Kinda Freaky That Obamas Name Has "AMA" in it

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    Really now, socialized medicine didn't work in Europe, Latin & Scandinavia countries so what makes the democrats think it will work in the U.S. Are the democrats smarter than all the U.S. citizens that have looked at socialized medicine in other countries and have come to the conclusion it won't work.

    Nothing else to call socialized medicine in the U.S. except Mobamacare (Mob ama care) because I will bet anyone any amount of money that the democrats have some master plan to profit off of Mobamacare through the stock market. When the supreme court Ok'd Mobamacare hospital stocks shot up.

    Now, who doesn't think Mobamacare care was created for U.S. citizens?

    Kinda freaky how Obama has the letters "AMA" in sequence in his name :confused:

    The U.S. does need the health care industry updated but not replaced.
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