Misdirected Outrage

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Hobbit, Jan 29, 2007.

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    In a day and age when politicians routinely ignore much of the desires of their constituents, citizens feel the need to lash out and change what they can around them, hoping it will be enough to counter what politicans are doing, or not doing, as in this case.

    In my hometown, not 4 blocks from where I live, a prominent flag display in front of my sister's old high school is being taken down and moved to the cafeteria. Why? There is a flag for every country a student of that school is from (1st generation). The school itself is a melting pot, what America is supposed to be. When my sister went there, almost half of her friends were black, and nobody at the school even thought that was of note. It's the people outside the school that are making the fuss. Only one of the nations represented by those flags is dumping people on us illegally. I've never heard of our quarrel with Jamaica or the flood of illegal Koreans, yet people think the flag display promotes illegal immigration because there are flags of other countries there. The U.S. flag flies higher on a taller pole set in higher ground (the school is on a hill), and even tops the other flags when at half mast, but that doesn't seem to matter. The school even plans to add a POW*MIA flag to the collection, but it won't get a flagpole. The school is moving the display to the cafeteria to avoid protests. What makes me sad is that I loved the flag display and drove past it often, and now I won't get to see it anymore.


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