Minnesota Muslim School

Discussion in 'Education' started by AllieBaba, Apr 10, 2008.

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    I read this, and really, I was under the impression that charter schools exist so people can more freely practice whatever beliefs they have; i.e., Christianity or Native American studies in the case of tribal charter schools...

    But what got me on this one was the last paragraph....

    Here's the gist: A substitute teacher reports to the media that she subbed at this school and was shocked by the fact that there were hand washing rituals and a separate room for washing feet or whatever.

    I could care less about that, in a charter school. I don't care, so long as there are equal freedoms in other charter schools for other religions.

    But this school wasn't flying a flag. Schools are required to fly an American flag and this school didn't have one. When asked about it, the superintendent said he didn't know how to operate the flag pole.


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