Michigan is much Closer than RCP shows

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Charles_Main, Oct 25, 2012.

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    If you look at the Details on RCP. They are Averaging 4 polls. The Most recent ending on the 23rd shows a tie while the other 3 all show Obama up from 2 to 7. But all of the 3 that Show Obama up are older. The newest of which ended on the 17th and the other 2 are even older.

    I think, Note I said think not know, that Michigan is much closer than it looks.

    On a side note I am happy to announce that me and the wife have personally converted both of our Mothers, My Mothers BF, my brother and her sister who all voted for Obama last time, and are all going to Vote Romney this time.

    Can't take to much credit, it was not hard to convince them after the last 4 years in this state.

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