Michael Moore, the Dems, and Historic Liberalism

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    Since we are having separate discussions on classical liberalism and Michael Moore, here is an excerpt on those points from an interview of Bernard Goldberg by Pat Robertson, to talk about Goldberg's new book, "“100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (And Al Franken Is #37)”. I like the discussion of MM and how liberals have gone astray.

    Btw, one of Bernie's previous best-seller's, Bias, is one the best eye-openers about the media I've ever seen, and I would strongly urge everyone who hasn't already done so to read it.


    ROBERTSON: What is the difference between historic liberals and the angry group out there?

    GOLDBERG: I described myself, in my first book “Bias” as one of those old-fashioned liberals. I'm the liberal the way John F. Kennedy used to be a liberal but not like Michael Moore. Those guys in the old days were upbeat and optimistic. They were hopeful about the country and really the optimist. And today when you look around the cultural - and I am not talking about regular liberals, they're good folks, they work hard, they care about their families - but the cultural elitist and the people who speak for liberalism in this country. I mean, it is a dark, dark America as far as they are concerned. It's blame America first…if we make a mistake. Not because we made an honest mistake, it is because our motives are wrong. I think that is why they are losing the presidential elections. Most Americans are saying that is not the America I see.

    ROBERTSON: Why don't you think the Democrats get it and move away from those extremists? How can anyone embrace a Michael Moore and think he would win a presidential election?

    GOLDBERG: Explain this to me. In this very town that I'm sitting in right now, Washington D.C... when Michael Moore's movie came out, he showed it to the Democratic Congressional caucus. All these big-shot Democrats go to the theater here in Washington, and they give him a standing ovation. Michael Moore is on the list not because of being a fringe crank character. He has become mainstream. That's one of the points of the book. Guys not too many years ago would have been considered leftist are now mainstream liberals. That's the problem. And if the Democrats don't wise up to this, I think they are going to have problems for years to come.

    ROBERTSON: That group, have they hijacked the Democrat Party?

    GOLDBERG: I think they have. That is the exact word I would use. They have hijacked the Democratic party. It is a matter if the other Democrats, the millions of other Democrats out there, want Michael Moore and Al Franken and even Howard Dean and Teddy Kennedy speaking for them.

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