Medicare not government run

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    Medicare do not provide, control and manage senior’s HC if they, and most seniors do, a Medicare Advantage plan, HMO. Government pays the HMO $800 a month, $9,600 a year plus you continue to pay the $96.00 medicare premium which will go up to $100 in 2010. When you get an HMO your medicare become useless. The HMO provide, control and manage your healthcare and you pay a co-pay of $10 for doctor visits, $25-$40 for specialist and as much as 30-50% for lab test, and $250 for each hospital visit. HMOs are private HC plans and they do a better job for less in managing your healthcare than government run Medicare because it provides your healthcare and you pay less than 20%.
    Medicare pays 80% of your healthcare and you pay the 20% if you do not have an HMO. And if you are fortunately enough to be very low income, Medicaid pays the 20% and you keep your medicare.
    If you are above the poverty level you may buy a Medicare Supplement plan and I am not sure how that works. I do not know if you keep your Medicare and it pay the 20%, etc.
    Private healthcare for seniors does a better jobs for less than government run Medicare that is why Medicare pays them to provide, control and manage senior’s healthcare.

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