Medicaid Mania

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    Looks like the debate's shifting ever so slightly toward Medicaid now. Medicaid flexibility's been getting quite a bit of attention these past two weeks.

    Today we hear about dueling Republican Medicaid reform bills. The first is the standard block grant:

    The second tries to add a little nuance in its variation on that theme:

    Yet some former Republican governors are a bit wary of the block grant approach:

    Current Republican governor Scott Walker seems to have walked back his unqualified support for block grants, instead suggesting it should just be an option:

    Meanwhile, the Bipartisan Policy Center has come out with some more modest proposals, mostly focusing on improving existing processes for states getting Medicaid waivers:

    In related news, the current administration recently released some rules updating some of the features of the king-of-all-waivers, the 1115 waiver. Tim Jost explained over at the Health Affairs blog:

    Lots of activity.

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