Media Research Center announces ‘Obamagasm Award’ winner

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    By Doug Powers • September 28, 2012 04:33 PM

    **Written by Doug Powers

    The nominees for the Media Research Center’s Obamagasm Award were Diane Sawyer, along with Piers Morgan and of course a most deserving Chris Matthews.

    The competition was fierce among these members of the media who often find themselves having to “think about baseball” when objectively reporting about the president, but at the end of the day, nobody demonstrated Obamagasm mettle like the one who has earned the nickname Tingles:

    video here

    Matthews was an Obamagasm Award nominee last year, but lost out to Evan Thomas, who referred to Obama as “sort of God.”

    But with this year’s victory, Matthews is well on his well on his way to securing the coveted “Obamagasm Lifetime Achievement” honor. And nobody deserves it more:

    And the Hardball host is selfless when it comes to his Obama lovin’. He’s even experienced simultaneous Obamagasms with his guests, such as this one with Howard Fineman:

    the rest with videos (if you can stomach watching Tingles) here
    Michelle Malkin » Media Research Center announces ‘Obamagasm Award’ winner

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