March is National Women's Histrionics Month

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by KarlMarx, Mar 23, 2005.

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    Considering what has happened at Harvard with Dean Summers and that March is "National Women's History Month".....

    Who Stole Harvard?

    I'd like to rechristen March as "National Women's Histrionics Month"....

    Perhaps Professor Nancy Hopkins can give a demonstration on how to act like you're going to be violently ill whenever someone makes a statement that you find offensive or just simply disagree with.

    Person A: "I'm hungry.... let's get something to eat!"
    Professor Hopkins: "I'm not.... let go see a movie."
    Person A: "Well, OK, but how about I pick up a quick bite on the way!"
    Professor Hopkins: "NO I WANT TO GO SEE A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Person A: "But I'm hungry!"
    Professor Hopkins: "I WANT TO GO SEE A MOVIE NOW!!!!!!!! I THINK I'M GOING TO BE VIOLENTLY ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Person A: "OK!!! OK!!!! We'll go see a movie..... I guess I can wait to eat until after the movie......."

    Not only are the antics by the feminists up at Harvard a threat to intellectual freedom, but a slap in the face to women in general. Thanks to Hopkins and her comrades from the Left, serious intellectual discussion on university campuses all over this land is all but dead. I will be so bold as to say there is more serious political discussion on this modest board in a single day than there is during an entire year at Harvard or any university in this country.

    Professor Hopkins' feigning illness in order to get her way reminds me of ploy Scarlett O'Hara or Miss PittyPatt from Gone With The Wind used to get their way...... they acted as if they were going to faint..... "Oh Ashley..... I think I'm going to faint! Get my smelling salts!....."

    Now the feminists are doing the same thing..... "Oh Ashley.... I think I'm going to be violently ill! Get my barf bag!....."

    YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY!!!!!!!! :puke: :puke: :puke:

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