Many reasons why I'm voting for Obama

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    When McCain came back from Vietnam, he cheated repeatedly on his crippled wife, and then divorced her to marry Cindy Hensley. In the 1980's McCain lobbied for Charles Keating, the saving and loan felon who stole billions in pension money, and McCain took numerous jet set vacations at Keating's expense. In the 1990's McCain had an affair with a lobbyist that so scared his staff, that they told her to stay away from him. His campaigns for the Senate were all financed with his wife Cindy's mob money. In 1994 Cindy McCain forged prescriptions in the names of her employees and stole drugs from her own charity. McCain's campaign this year is getting huge amounts of oil company money. His pick for vice president is under an ethics investigation and will probably be indicted on Oct 31st. McCain is 72 years old, has had cancer 5 times and is on 5 different medications. He is so out of it, that his staff will no longer let him talk to the press unscripted.

    Barak Obama graduated from Harvard Law School and went back to his community to help people who had lost their jobs when the plants shut down. He met his wife at the law firm where the worked together, and he has never cheated on her, and she has never forged prescriptions or stolen drugs. Obama has never lobbied for anyone that stole billions of dollars from pensioners. Obama's campaign is financed by 1.5 million contributors. Obama's pick for vice president has spent 30 years in the U.S. Senate and is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Obama is taking no medications and is available to talk to the press unscripted. His three main priorities for America are, getting out of Iraq, universal healthcare, and American energy independence.

    There is no question in my mind which one of these men will make a better president.

    All the Republican smear tactics in the world cannot change these facts.
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