Looking into the Future with Newt

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    Our Majority Is In Jeopardy
    By Newt Gingrich
    April 24, 2006

    The future cannot be left to chance. The future must be won.

    Today, in order to win the future, there are five challenges that America must meet:

    1. Confronting a world in which America's enemies, including the irreconcilable wing of Islam and rogue dictatorships, could acquire and use nuclear or biological weapons;

    2. Defending God in the public square;

    3. Protecting America's unique civilization;

    4. Competing in the global economy in an era of the economic rise of China and India, which will require transformations in litigation, education, taxation, regulation, and environmental, energy and health policies for America to continue to be the most successful economy in the world;

    5. Promoting active, healthy aging so more people can live longer, which will require dramatic transformation in pensions, Social Security and health care.

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