Living Proudly with Wrinkles

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    Very nice poem about accepting postively one of the ugly aspects of life as we age, written by my wife's friend, an amateur poet.

    Living Proudly with Wrinkles

    Today I passed a mirror and said, “How can this be?
    I’m shriveled up and wrinkled. Is that really me???

    But I’ve no time to sit and stew about something I can’t change.
    I think old age just gave the Lord a chance to rearrange.

    ‘Cause when I was young my skin was smooth—completely wrinkle-free,
    But inside I was quite different, with so much to do and see.

    The inside had the wrinkles then, from lessons yet unlearned,
    And though I’d crossed some bridges, I had them yet to burn.

    Many years have come and gone, I now see wrinkles everywhere,
    But if you look deep down inside, there’s a better person there.

    Now I’m wrinkled on the outside, but the inside’s quite all right.
    With age God turns us inside out and does so with delight!

    So when I pass a mirror and see the wrinkles on my face,
    I’ll not cry, or worry, or view them as disgrace.

    I’ll not try to cover up, erase them or even hide,
    My friend, I’m ever thankful they’re no longer down inside.

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