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    If so, may I introduce you to one Mike Duncan. Some of his projects:

    The History of Rome

    The history of the Roman Empire, from the myth of Aeneas traveling to the Italian peninsula after the Sack of Troy, to Odoacer exiling a young Romulus Augustulus to a villa in Campania. It consists of 179 episodes; total running time is around 74 hours.. The first dozen or so episodes are a bit rough, technically speaking. They do get better.

    The History of Rome

    When that was finished the new focus is now Revolutions, where different revolutions are given the same in depth treatment. So far the ones covered have been:

    • English
    • American
    • French
    • Haitian
    • Latin American
    • Revolutions of 1830

    Those are finished. Mr. Duncan is now covering the craziness that was the years around 1848.

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    The problem with the History of Rome made for TV series are that they always avoid offending the RCC by showing how Rome in conquering cultures would use their religions to subvert the people by placing themselves the new authority.
    They never get into the method they used called the 2 horn (power) system.
    Rome the scarlet color wearing beast hid it's political authority(horn) behind the mask of religious authority(horn). Hence the symbol is born of the 2 horn red devil (said in Rev to be the power of death and destruction)to equate Rome's 2 horn system with the power of death and destruction.

    When Rome conquered the Veiians they said their godess Juno didn't hold favor in them by the way she allowed their defeat, thus erecting the Temple of Juno in Rome to be their new authority. Rome did this exact same victimization to the YHWH worshipers in Israel, claiming the Jews out of favor, erecting a new Temple in Rome claiming themselves the new guardianship and authority.
    This method of swallowing up kingdoms and compiling religions to one world religion under their authority so they can collect taxes under the guise of tithes and invade many kingdoms without insurrection is a very essential part of understanding the wickedness of Rome's conquests.
    To leave it out is to be a weasel to appease the people who would benefit the true nature of their history.=epic failure to cover history for it's true purpose in doing so.

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