Left wing immigration rhetoric, propaganda and lies.

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    In order to excuse illegal immigration, the Dream Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform issuing green cards, driver licenses, stopping deportations and eventually a path to citizenship for 12 million Illegal Aliens who are hard working, law biding people who only want a (more) better life.

    1...Excuse for the Dream Act. Poor little children were brought here by no fault of their own, have know no country but this one should not be punished by deportation.

    (They already know the language and culture from which the came because they parent has never assimilated and learned English. Deportation is like moving from Arizona to California as I did when I graduated high school, leaving family and friends and the only home I had ever know for 18 years. Not a punishment to go back home. Obama’s children were uprooted from the only home they had ever known and by no fault of their own was moved to Washington DC. And I never heard he refer to the move as a punishment on his kids. Thousands of Illegal Aliens have already self-deported back to Mexico and they did not do it to punish their children. Military parents are stations in foreign country often take children with them.)

    2...Rounding up people, putting them on busses and deporting them, separating families is not who we are and not what we are about as America.

    (Obama deported over 400,000 Illegal Aliens last year, separating families. Thousand of troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and 6,000 will not come back and 26,000 will come back permanently disabled. Separating families. We arrest and imprison criminals for years. Separating families. We have a double standard here. We can separate American families but not Hispanic families?)

    3...When Hispanic looking people are stopped on a traffic violation, cannot speak English, do not have a drives license or identification, auto insurance they cannot be ask about heir immigration status because it is racial profiling and they can file suits.

    (The overwhelming majority of Illegal Aliens are Hispanic and most are from Mexico and not Irish from Ireland and it is reasonable suspicion that the Hispanic stopped on a traffic violation and not walking on his way to get an ice cream cone with his child is an Illegal Alien and can by law be arrested, fined, jailed and deported according to the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act.
    Illegal Immigration IS A CRIME!

    4...Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a racist bigot because he enforces our immigration laws and targets and racial profile Hispanics.

    (If White men are robbing banks you don’t go looking from Black men. Majority of Illegal Aliens in Maricopa country Arizona are Hispanic looking. And according the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act it is perfect legal to profile Hispanics when stopped on traffic violation or other crime and ask for immigration status.

    Immigration officers and local law enforcement officers may detain an individual for a brief warrantless interrogation where circumstances create a reasonable suspicion that the individual is illegally present in the U.S. Specific facts constituting a reasonable suspicion include evasive, nervous, or erratic behavior; dress or speech indicating foreign citizenship; and presence in an area known to contain a concentration of illegal aliens. Hispanic appearance alone is not sufficient.
    Aiding, abetting, harboring, encouraging illegals a felony

    5...Words like illegal immigrant, Illegal Alien, anchor baby, jack pot baby, self deport are racist and offensive to Hispanic and should be eliminated from the English language.

    (If these words of offense to Illegal Aliens then they should not commit the crime of entering the country illegally. If you don’t want to be called a criminal don’t commit a crime. Illegal immigration is a federal crime
    Illegal Immigration IS A CRIME!)

    6...We need Comprehensive Immigration Reform to bring those who have been here for years and have American born children out of the shadows, have them pay a fine, learn English, pay taxes and pass a back ground check, go to the back of the line and put a path to citizenship as a punishment. Only humane and compassionate thing to do. Obama added “fair.”

    (Sound more like a reward then a punishment. First of all, they are not in the shadows. They are in my face, my next door neighbor, they work in hospital, clinics, stores, hotels, restaurants, casinos, construction, highways, schools, and roads, pick up my garbage, cut my lawns, clean my home and baby junior and granny, cook and serve hamburger, wash dishes, buy homes and drive cars, protesting in our streets waving Mexican flags, their children attend school with mine and eat free lunches, in welfare offices, doctor and dental offices. Every where I am there the are. They are more in my face kind of shadow then in the shadows.)

    7...Repeal Automatic Birthright Citizenship to requiring one parent to be a citizen is hate speech by racist and bigots.
    (Anchor baby fraud is a big business because they are used by parents and politicians and we don’t know how many are legit. They are anchors for the parent to stay here and they entitle the family to welfare checks, food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, free lunches at schools, subsidized housing and can sustain a family.)

    8... “We are a nation of laws and as President it is my job to enforce our laws.”

    (BS. Obama goes after businesses that hire Illegal Aliens and pass on arresting, detaining and deporting those found working illegally and they are fired and go on to work some where else. Using false or stolen documents. Ignoring completely the law of arrest, detain, fine and deport.

    10...The border is secure then ever because of Obama polices.

    (The failing economy has secured the border more than any of Obama’s policies. Drugs and Illegal Aliens are still crossing and is doing harm to Americans.

    9...Illegal Aliens do not quality for welfare benefits.

    (Second biggest lie. Their anchor babies are deemed to be U.S. Citizens makes the family eligible for all welfare benefits. Welfare checks, food stamps, subsidized housing, Medicaid, WIC, free lunch, medical and dental, government food banks, free cell phones with free minutes.

    10...Illegal Aliens contribute to the economy by paying taxes.

    (Illegal Aliens and their children is more a liability then an asset to the economy. They are low wage earners and pay very little in taxes if any and cost the tax payers more then they pay in taxes, etc, Illegal Aliens have bankrupt over a hundred hospitals in California. Illegal immigration cost U.S. taxpayers $113 billion a year.
    Illegal aliens have bankrupted over a hundred hospitals in California alone, and we absorb the cost: hospital overcharges like eleven thousand bucks for eleven minutes are becoming more and more common! Is it time to get rid of the illegals instead?


    All this left wing rhetoric, propaganda and lies to get Hispanic votes and to provide businesses with a unlimited source of cheap labor to keep the Right out of the white house at the expense of the American tax payers and their families.
    With the stoke of one man’s pen, Obama changed immigration laws to fit his agenda that have been in place for over a hundred years that keep us a sovereign nation of laws. Ignoring the rule of law and the will of the American people to enforce our immigration law and secure the border.
    An perfect example of abuse of power to the Nth degree.

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